Hilariously Unfortunate Newspaper And Magazine Layout Fails

Hilariously Unfortunate Newspaper And Magazine Layout Fails

God bless the media. They keep us up to date on what’s happening in the world and help us form our opinions on the matter. Sensation is more important than actual substance, so you can pretty much guess whichever side the journalist is on simply by reading the title of the article. And then once they write their piece, they put it in a nice, flashy layout.
A snazzy picture. A catchy line. A colorful image to draw the attention. And no regard for anything other than the article you’re writing or how it’ll be printed. And the guy who puts the entire newspaper together and determines the layout? For him it’s just another job, man. And sometimes, people are really, really bad at their jobs.
Luckily for us, it’s pretty damn hilarious whenever juxtaposition takes over the world and creates something greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s take a look at a couple of layout fails so bad, they’re almost wins.



“Pick up your free copy of male genitalia!”



Seems like a violent crime duo, alright. About time someone took these guys down a notch.



Jesus Christ. One letter, a whore different meaning.



“Suspect was found humping legs all around town.”



Oops indeed.



I guess he’s already had plenty of pussy.



Bet you five bucks they really don’t like their boss.



The real you – impressing Asian girls left, down and left-down.



Yup, someone did not think that one through. At all.



Also, the way that boy “eats” his ice cream isn’t helping.



I mean, I haven’t since kindergarten, but if you really want me to …



Rapefruit – full of vitamin ouch.



Gigity gigity goo!



I’ll admit, seeing that Rocky poster made me laugh so hard I think I might be going to Hell.



“She’s been secretly stealing money from the working class for years!”



Daddy wasn’t a good swimmer. Mommy didn’t have the heart to tell Timmy.



I mean, the real joke is that lame 90 day punishment though.



Y’know, just in case you smell gas, guys. It’s what Gas Network Ireland does.



Wait, you can train to be a rapist now? What?



Poor people: no. Titties: yes. The community has spoken.

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