Hysterically Funny Asian T-Shirts

Hysterically Funny Asian T-Shirts

Let me ask you a small question: how many times have you thought that Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters just look awesome, irrelevant of their meaning? How many times have you considered getting a piece of some Chinese philosopher’s profound wisdom (or a quote from your favorite anime character – whatever floats your boat) tattooed on your skin, in the original language for no reason at all other than to look cool and slightly patronizing while explaining the meaning to your less cultured friends?



Let’s be honest here: the only thing stopping you is probably all of those stories you’ve heard about that one guy who thought his tattoo proclaimed “Courage and wisdom”, when in fact what it said was “I’m a gullible American, laugh at me and call me names because I don’t understand you anyway”.



Well, let me assure you that this cross-cultural phenomenon goes both ways. For every tattoo salon using a Chinese takeout menu for inspiration there is an Asian t-shirt manufacturer inexplicably fond of the random sentences generator, English swear words edition. Sometimes the results are no less hilarious than a white person walking around with a chicken soup recipe on their forearm. Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders…



Ain’t this a set of rules to live by:



Some of these can get quite disturbing. Seriously, why?



And this one wins the most offensive shirt contest, hands down.



It’s a good thing when couples have something in common. Like their taste in clothing.



Part of these are probably meant to be ironic, part are plain horrible, and the rest just inexplicable (dwarf bravery, anyone?) But here is something to think about: if most of us are unable to tell Confucius from Naruto, why expect other nations to be any better? After all, we are all human and we all love to look cool and patronizing while explaining hipster shit to our less cultured friends.

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