It All Looks Normal, Until You Take a Second Look! (34 Pics)

It All Looks Normal, Until You Take a Second Look! (34 Pics)

People often upload photos that should not have been uploaded. Thanks to unfortunate (or extremely fortunate) timing, odd lighting, or just unexpected cats/people appearing in the frame, these pics become memes in a blink. If you like those pics where the title says “take a closer look”, or the insane brain-melting optical illusions, you’ve come to the right place!
Now clear your mind and prepare so see something weird!



1. Mr. Fantastic, is that you?



2. That’s some M. Night Shyamalan twist right there.



3. Not sure if this was photoshopped…



4. Uuhh, was this a calculated move?



5. I’m still not convinced that those are not demon eyes.



6. How many legs do you see?

7. Can you see it?



8. That’s a great question, Kayden.



9. Never Volkswagen your Porsche, girl. Ever.



10. Okay, apart from them all probably being dead, WHO TOOK THE PICTURE?



11. Are you still skeptical about giants living among us?



12. When you see it…



13. Dragon-doggo grilling some BBQ, that’s all.



14. It took me longer than I’d like to admit, but it was worth it.



15. It’s probably one of those weird fetishes people have.



16. Everything the light touches is yours, Simba!



17. Who said yoga was easy?

18. All I can think of are bark puns…



19. Slenderman: The Early Years.



20. What kind of monstrosity is this?



21. One’s tall, one’s ugly, right?



22. Girl, you should wax those wolf hands.



23. That’s creepy AF!



24. Do you even lift, sis?



25. When the manager said “all hands on deck”, I doubt that’s what he meant.



26. Ha! Fooled ya, you perv!



27. You’re still thinking with your naughty bits, huh?

28. Well, in that case, you’re gonna love this one!



29. Why is there a bride in the middle of the fountain?



30. Grandpa has never been quite the same since the accident…



31. Well…



32.This is messing with my brain!

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