People Doing Things For the First Time

People Doing Things For the First Time

Remember the fist time you rolled on a bike down the street? Or that time when you saw Santa for the first time only to then find out it was your dad in a Santa suit? Or how about that first time you put on a VR set and got scares sh!tless because everything is so GOD! DAMN! REAL! Yeah, our life is full of those “first time” moments, and we even have a saying “there’s a first time for everything”, which usually means trying alcohol or drugs. But these moments are what it’s all about. Sadly, our adult comfort zones don’t allow for many new experiences, so thank Odin we have the internet!
So, now you’re about to see 29 people having their first experience with different things. Enjoy!



1. 96 year old grandma playing VR for the first time.



2. Blind kid petting a cat for the first time.



3. Oink oink! Holding a piggy for the first time!



4. Someone’s had S’mores for the first time.

5. First time on a diving board.



6. When the smell of bacon hits you for the first time.



7. First time visiting the grand canyon and this happened. Not sure if I should be disappointed or amazed.



8. His first birthday cake. Probably the best birthday he’ll ever have.



9. Showing grandma a tattoo for the first time. Needless to say, she didn’t approve.



10. First time using chopsticks. This kid’s going places…



11. Playing backyard football for the first time.



12. Little Ms. Sunshine dressing herself for the first time.

13. Seeing an iPad for the first time. Their reaction is priceless.



14. First time at Hooters. You can see it in his eyes.



15. Seeing herself on selfie cam for the first time.



16. Meeting a good boy for the first time.



17. After getting drunk for the first time in 10 years.



18. Girl adopted from Haiti seeing snow for the first time.



19. Kids in China seeing red hair for the first time.



20. Soldier meeting his daughter for the first time.

21. 92 year old grandmother seeing her 2 day old granddaughter for the first time.



22. Team Rwanda stops their race to look at snow for the first time.



23. “Bought my 84 year old grandma her first ever iPad, and left her alone with the new toy for 30 minutes.” Granny’s got some mad ArtRage skills, yo!

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