Proof that Russians Are Mental (29 Pics)

Proof that Russians Are Mental (29 Pics)

We all know that Russians are not your run-off-the-mill human beings, but this gallery will prove that once and for all. Now that I think of it, some of them may not even be actual humans!
But anyhoo, it’s still okay to laugh at their flawless stupidity, so enjoy!



Russia level 9000



Russian police secret weapon



Only one can survive!


It’s always hard to your get money here



You shall not paaa… okay, that was unexpected.



It’s true what they say about Russians and their roads: made by idiots for idiots.



-Ivan, your tail is showing!



I have several questions…



Mosquito nets are a serious business!


Ah, yes, the famous Toilet Water.



Ivan, I don’t think you understand what a “van” is.



Sit tight, we’re almost there. Just another 800 km and we’ll fix the wheel, I promise! – bus driver, probably.



Best shawarma in the world, I bet!



Next-level car modding.



If you’re asking yourself “what’s weird about this one?” – it’s a freaking bed.


Russian UBER doesn’t discriminate by gender… or species.



Ah, the alcoholics. What a sight for sore eyes!



Always lubricate.



Not exactly Lady and the Tramp, but it’ll do.



This is what desperation looks like.



Nice weather we have here! Perfect for sunbathing.


Russian granny doesn’t care. Russian granny got a face to punch when she gets home.



In Russia even dogs wear track suits.



Homer Simpson’s distant relative from Russia decided to have some fun.



#SquadGoals, amirite?



Classy AF!



Everyone wants to have Putin’s baby in Russia.


A really unexpected way to put a stylish spin on your tracksuit



See, it’s just not black people that love watermelons!

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