Putarangonit – A Glorious Gingerifying Instagram Account!

Putarangonit – A Glorious Gingerifying Instagram Account!

There’s a good chance, that every fun idea you’ve ever had, has been given life by some stranger on the Internet. Like, have you ever wondered what Angelina Jolie would look like as a full-fledged redhead? Yeah, “hot” would be an understatement of the century, I know, but there’s an Instagram account that does exactly that to all of your favorite non-ginger celebs, using Photoshop and a lot of free time.


The account called “Put A Rang On It” is managed by the Australian duo Josephine Burns and Nadia Ahmad, who take photos of different celebrities, turning them into fiery redheads with freckles and all that stuff. “Put A Rang On It” has been growing like crazy in the past 2 weeks, and will hopefully keep getting bigger as more and more celebs get gingerified. One last factoid, before we get to the pics – why did they call it “put a rang on it”? Turns out it’s a reference to both Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”, as well as “ranga” being an Australian term for a redhead. Who doesn’t like a good pun, eh?


Anyway, let’s go see those gingerified celebs, am I right? But, just a warning, be prepared for some really terrible (or amazing) “ginger” puns.



1. Jared Leto



2. Leo Di Caprio



3. Beyonce



4. Kanye West

5. Taylor Swift



6. Miley Cyrus



7. Jake Gylenhall



8. Backstreet Boys



9. Margot Robbie



10. Kourtney Kardashian



11. Chris Pratt

12. Neil DeGras Tyson



13. 50 Cent



14. Arnold Schwarzenegger



15. Amanda Seyfield



16. Mark Wahlberg



17. Jon Snow

18. Anna Kendrick



19. Mariah Carrey



20. Ashton Kutcher

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