Reasons You Should Have Her Sleep Over Before Calling Her Bae

Reasons You Should Have Her Sleep Over Before Calling Her Bae

Makeup is every girl’s friend. Chicks want to look WOW but at the same time us guys don’t want to be deceived. If we are going to be the BF, we want to know what’s under the “war paint”.

This potential love of our life/beauty queen can wake up next to you looking like she’s been drug through a rodeo arena. So let’s be sure we’re NOT getting a “bow-wow” a.k.a. “Doggie Girl” as a life partner. Understand men, the morning after a sleep over is crucial to «assess this cutie down to the bare facial skin.

Don’t shy away from da truth, cause we men have our standards too. If your sleep over is a daily makeover queen, run da other direction as fast as you can! Girls got this thing to be gorgeous and I’m down with dat. BUT I AIN’T DOWN with saying «I DO to a chick dat depends on tons of spackle on her mug just to make her basically acceptable.

I guess its a Venus and Mars thing, but guys want girls that be natural lookers not Hollywood makeup artists! So men, go deep (if you know what I mean) on your sleep over. Check the face with a magnifying glass in the morning! Be sure the face is real and not a scare mask that will disappoint for eternity!

  • She wouldn’t look the same after she woke up with no makeup. Guys can’t stand this unexpected surprise, because the morning after her Cinderella’s look will disappear. It’s definitely some kind of magic.



  • You will ask yourself who’s this beast in the bed, next to me?. Men will be like is it a horror movie or I’m just dreaming? (Oh, Lord)



  • She’s not your wife, so it’s hard to accept her different look. Maybe she’s just one night girl who wanted to have fun, maybe she’s a good person, but don’t try to run away like you are running from the cops.



  • She can’t wear makeup 24/7 and her face won’t seem pretty.



  • Who knows, maybe she rocks the wig and your next morning will be like (Hello, soldier Jane) Is that you?



  • Makeup is a perfect way to hide her face defects and skin problems. Hold up, wait a minute, is this a girl or an alien?



  • Her lips won’t look so juicy and shiny, and yeah nobody wants to kiss the gorilla.



  • After washing her face, her perfectly-tanned skin will disappear like snowballs in the microwave. So her beautiful face will be pale just like walls in your bedroom. It’s sad.



  • Girls always hide their natural beauty and often turn themselves into beauty disasters.
    That’s why you won’t like the real her.



  • Girls hate when guys call them ‘bae’ after the first date or the morning after, and make up is the last reason in this case why you shouldn’t do it.

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