Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time! (20 pics)

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time! (20 pics)

How many of you actually think things through before acting? I hope the answers is “we all do”, but that would have to be a lie, because, you know, internet users are very trustworth. You have to ask yourself “Is what you’re about to do smart?”, and if the answer is “no, but I’ll be internet-famous!” then, please, by all means, keep going. Otherwise we wouldn’t have anything to talk about!
Let’s go straight to the fails shall we?



That title was a real field day for the author, I bet!



Commas, man, they are important!



Ever wanted to play the most expensive game of teeter-totter?



“Devil hands” AKA “time to scare the sh#t out of your kids”



ALMOST had it. Can I get another try?



Let’s see… Cat – check, water – check, what else? Oh, right, join the freaked out cat in the bathtub!



Can you hear that? That’s the sound of a really really horrible, and potentially fatal idea.



Where is your god now?



Add some Diet Coke and you’ll get the best diet ever.



Yes. Yes, it will, silly human. But look at all those Youtube views!



Anti-car-theft system of the future! Someone’s very smart in a “special” way



This seemed like a good idea at the time



It’s either a really bad mom joke, or he’s cosplaying some D-list DC villain.



What could go wrong?



Darwin called, he wants to give out a few extra awards this year.



There’s no shortage of idiots



Final Destination just became too real.



Common sense is really hard to find these days.



They told him he could be anything, so he became a balcony.



I have one question: how did he get up there in the first place?

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