Simple Problems – Simple Solutions (23 Pics)

Simple Problems – Simple Solutions (23 Pics)

You cannot even comprehend what the human genius can accomplish when push comes to shove. Things break all the time, and these modern-day heroes were gifted with the best power of them all – the power to fix stuff. Sadly, at times their fixing just looks too stupid. Let’s have a look at these prodigies!



1. Now that’s what I call a fancy entrance!



2. I don’t know what magic was used and how many infants were sacrificed, but this thing WORKS!



3. How many CATs does it take to change a street light? The answer is: 1.



4. I didn’t realize how badly I needed this invention in my life.

5. Does this wrench-abomination remind you of a scorpion, or is it just me?



6. I REALLY wanna see this quad-shovel in action. Like, how do you even work it?



7. His drumming was too light, probably, so he decided to hammer it out.



8. Pro tip on how to electrocute yourself! Works every time!



9. It works, okay… next…



10. New and improved Mooving Van 5000! This time with a built-in pen!



11. One day someone asked him: “do you need a truck door?” and he said “no”, so they took the door, of course.



12. And they say Nokia’s connecting people, HAH! No, stall-less public toilets do it much better.

13. Someone just earned himself the title of Beach King (or Queen)! How is this not a patented invention yet?



14. If it looks weird or stupid but still works – it’s not stupid, just weird.



15. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a table standing on its tippy-toes. Your life is complete now.



16. Russia? Russia.



17. Forgot your grill at home? Just use your tractor’s bucket!



18. It just works!



19. This is so brilliant! One, your kid will have a bike to ride on, and two – he’ll mow the lawn for you!



20. Even dead Nokias can be used when you’re on a toilet.

21. I guess there’s a story to be told here…



22. I’ve seen potheads before, but this lady’s doing it wrong.



23. This vehicle must have taken so much time to develop… OR the dude just duct-taped his mike to a boat, just to see what happens.

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