Surfing + Cosplay = EPIC WIN!

Surfing + Cosplay = EPIC WIN!

There’s this awesome annual surfing event in Santa Monica, California, where people dress up and cosplay as all sorts of weird characters and historical figures and hit the waves. There are no losers here, only winners and tons of fun!
Let’s see what the contestants looked like this year. Surfs up!



Bob Ross cosplayer with an actual palette and a tiny canvas. Happy little surfer.


You might not be able to tell, but this guy is wearing a Mrs. Doubtfire costume, with heels, fake boobs and pantyhose. Have you ever tried surfing in heels? Yeah, don’t.



Hot-dog man(?) strikes again!


Was Reagan actually walking around with a gun in his hand?



Kennedy? Is that you? We all thought you had a huge headache.


This is the “Redneck Yacht Club”. If you’re not laughing at that name, you’re not alone, but it seems like it’s supposed to be funny.



Let’s hope Edward Scissorhands won’t hurt anyone.


Aladdin on his magic carpet ride.



Either this is the tiniest wrestling ring, or that dude is a giant.



Dorothy and Toto, you’re too far away from Kansas.


Heeeere’s Waldo!


This Wonder Woman cosplay is fantastic!



Some random Hooters chick, or I’m not in on the joke.


Where there’s Wonder Woman, we’ll see Aquaman (and his fishy queen).



Another amazing cosplay – the Mask.


And finally we have a … Banankey? Monana? Either way, it looks super good!

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