Taiwan’s watermelon bread will delight your senses and confuse your tastebuds

Taiwan’s watermelon bread will delight your senses and confuse your tastebuds




What is the most craves food on scorching summer days? Here’s a hint: it’s not a beverage.
Let’s face it, when it comes to Summer’s heat eating gradually becomes less relevant. Meals are being yielded to refreshing beverages, and we can’t help but be happy about this (without all that food, we finally can get rid of that annoying flabby paunch).






Although, if I was obliged to pick the most popular summer food, watermelons would take the, medal of superiority due to its juicy and refreshing properties.
As we have already established, people are prone to losing their appetites in the summertime. Taiwanese children are not the exception. Furthermore, kids who refuse to eat is an issue in Taiwan. To solve this problem, the head baker of Jimmy’s Bakery in Yilan County, Lee Wen-fa, came up with an idea creating bread that looks like a watermelon.






This idea worked out brilliantly. Not only do Taiwanese children consume more bread than pigeons in the park, but the adults also became obsessed over this new dish. Watermelon toast became a real Instagram sensation. As this trend proceeds to gain momentum, the bakery is having troubles keeping up the high demand.



The bread is available as a loaf or in slices. Jimmy’s Bakery produces about 100 loaves of Watermelon bread (1500 slices), but it’s still not enough. His customers are willing to travel a few hours and form lines outside the bake shop in the morning before it opens just to get a piece of this ‘wonder’ bread.







Fun fact: The Taiwanese watermelon bread tastes nothing like watermelon. Nevertheless, you’re probably curious about what’s inside this strange delicacy. To give the loaf a watermelon’s facad, Lee Wen-fa uses green tea powder for the peel, strawberry extract for the flesh and charcoal bamboo (don’t worry, it’s edible) for the seeds.






If reading this article gave you the desire to taste this mouth-watering toast, but you don’t have the time or money (or both) to travel to Taiwan, you can order it online. If this is also too hard for you, or you have ordering-online-phobia, or, at long last, you do not really comprehend Thai, here’s DIY video tutorial:



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