These Hilarious Photos Show How Cropping Actually Can Twist The Whole Story

These Hilarious Photos Show How Cropping Actually Can Twist The Whole Story

We don’t always take extremely laughable photos, but when we do, it happens when we usually least expect the “photo-op” to present itself. Then we usually beg our friends not to post them somewhere on the Internet, but who listens? Becoming an internet sensation is not an easy task, but those people whose awkward photos are popular now, didn’t expect this at all.
Ladies and gentlemen, today we present you the most amusing and ridiculous photos taken at the very right moment and cropped bringing confusion to anyone.



This photo proves that the right crop actually changes EVERYTHING!



Just in case so you don’t become a popular meme worldwide, double check your photos before posting them online



Oh man, that’s a nice booty but wait… there is something disappointing



And… Oh, Disappointment again!



Sometimes when you look what actually is happening on the whole shot, you may be shocked…



…or you may lose faith in humanity, speech, eyes or a good attitude towards the person in the pic (life is tough!).



On the other side, a cropped shot may look terrifying until you see what is hidden in the cropped part.



What a relief to be able to see it in context with and without the crop.



It is funny how simple pics can give completely different meanings when cropped different ways.



One Image can represent positive and negative ideas. And you don’t even need a Photoshop retouch.



The cropping option is a great manipulation tool for pics! Creating optical illusion may help you pretend you’re someone or somewhere you’re actually not.




Okay, cats are cute no matter what.



Forever alone



When your bae caught you cute sleeping… come on, who are you kidding?!



I wish I never see this pic cropped or full frame again



After taking a bunch of pics from a crazy party, think a few more times: do you really want to post THIS on social media?



A ship floating in the sky… nope! It’s San Francisco’s Sutro Tower covered in fog



When you see it



If you are a big guy, you should wear your pants



A lil brother fail

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