This Hawk Photoshop Battle is Epic

This Hawk Photoshop Battle is Epic

Hawks are the badasses of the animal kingdom. First of all, they’re birds. Birds can fly, and flying is cool. This is why Aquaman isn’t a cool superhero and Superman is. Second of all, they’re birds of prey. That means they’re birds that kill shit for a living. They’re the hitmen of the bird kingdom. And lastly, they’re the most badass of the birds of prey. Why? Because I said so.
Apparently, the internet agrees with me. Clint Ralph, an animal enthusiast, was visiting South Africa when he was looking for bearded vultures to photograph. As he spotted a jackal hawk moving towards his latest meal, he turned his lens towards it. Enter a random picture of a badass hawk being a badass:



That’s when the Internet, in all its infinite glory and creativity, started Photoshopping the living hell out of this hawk. And, well, the results are amazing. The Photoshop battle that ensued was glorious and all over the place. And now, when the dust has finally settled, let’s take a look at the best entries of the Battle of the Badass Hawk.



Hawk of Duty

Straight Outta Hawkton



Cool Hawks Don’t Look At Explosions



Western Hawk



Stephen Hawking

Russia’s New Weapon



Riverdance Hawk



Hawk Fashion Week



Captain America: The Winter Hawk



Leo Dicaprio’s New Friend

Surf’s Up



Hawk Solo



Make America Hawk Again



The Walking Hawk

Full Metal Hawk



Game of Hawks

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