WTF Is This Thing? Just Wait and See!

WTF Is This Thing? Just Wait and See!

This freaky thing, called Homunculus Loxodontus (also known as “Zhdun” in Russia), is actually a sculpture created by the Dutch artist Margriet Van Breevoort in 2016 for the Leiden University in Netherlands. It was initially installed in front of a children hospital in Leiden, but a year later in 2017 it was moved inside the Leiden University Medical Center.
This sculpture is a weird combo of a sea lion, and an insect, with a smidgen of human added to the mix. But wait till you see what it does! It… just sits there. Waiting. In front of a waiting room, I suppose. Either way, you get the idea. So why did it blow up? Memes.
When the Russkies got a hold of the pics, the memes started to flow like there’s no tomorrow, and here is just a tiny sample. Enjoy!



1. Here’s the original sculpture, for reference.



2. Yes the Zhdun did get to the art section of the internet. Nothing is sacred.



3. Some Tumblr user tried calling it “Snorp” but I doubt it’ll stick.



4. More paintings, yay!

5. Some show, I suppose. Who knows what, why or when it was done, really.



6. Zhduna Lisa, anyone?



7. This looks really good.



8. Sherlock, we don’t have time to sit around! We’re f#cking DROWNING!



9. And now we know why Keanu was so sad. He was waiting for the wrong bus! *badum tss*



10. Russian sauna, why not?

11. Yeah, I’d be checking out that weird thing as well. You go, girls!



12. Well this is just random stuff.



13. Reverse roles!



14. This is nice… so peaceful and serene.



15. It’s one of those “God has a plan for me, so I’ll just sit and wait for a sign” situations, isn’t it?

16. The randomness continues!



17. Remember the “indestructible man” from last year? Looks like he’s got himself a date!

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