You Had One Job! (33 Pictures)

You Had One Job! (33 Pictures)

You’ve probably experienced this a bunch of times yourself, when you were distracted at work or got so lazy you couldn’t give a crap. Your brain just goes into an autopilot mode, the hands begin to do their thing, and stuff just happens on its own. There are people, however, who, and I’m just thinking out loud here, do it on purpose. So here are some of each kind. You decide which one’s which.



Sweet Jesus! A real Miracle water!



Always plan ahead



Long yellow… things? Really?



Some men just want to watch the world burn.



And others like to mess with people.



Somebody needs a geography lesson!






When you dress up too classy to a nightclub



I’m telling you, Mike, somebody stole my shovel!



He just printed out what he was given



Or else.



That’s like you and your love life.



Where there’s a lunch break, there’s a way.



At least they didn’t print it out verbatim, right?


Even a fake clock shows the correct time twice a day.



It says right here in the job description: “put M&M’s and Skittles into the thing”.



Must be the same guy.



Or maybe there’s a whole nest of them?



I guess they’re not really good with chimneys is what they’re saying.



OR you can have “Suicide Sausage” and “Party Squad”!



The whole concept of acronyms seems to be lost on this enlightened individual.



That oven probably doesn’t even work anyway. We just order a take-outs.



Looks solid to me!



That’s not exactly the “road fork” I was expecting to see, but I’ll allow it.



I would be surprised if this wasn’t in some backwater Russian school.



You shall not pa~… oh, okay then, let’s try this again…



You shall not- oh COME ON!






5LOW? Also, what kind of road is this?



Nothing can possibly go wrong!



Half a screen is still better than nothing, right?



Nailed it!



It’s … It’s a, uuhhh, a feature, yeah, that’s right! And the end of this gallery. Hope you had fun!

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