17 Funniest Oscars 2017 Memes

Let’s check out these 18 hilarious memes from the recent Oscars ceremony!

7 Things Men Still Don’t Understand About Women

In the words of the legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld: “What's the deal with women?” So how would you like to learn the real reason behind girls stealing food from your plate, or going to the bathroom with other girls? Either way, here's a list of 7 things men still don't understand about women.

BFs Of Instagram Show Bachelors What They’re Missing

Next time you feel lonely because you’re single, look at these guys and realize it’s not all that bad, after all.

Proof that Russians Are Mental (29 Pics)

We all know that Russians are not your run-off-the-mill human beings, but this gallery will prove that once and for all. Now that I think of it, some of them may not even be actual humans!But anyhoo, it’s still okay to laugh at their flawless stupidity, so enjoy!

11 Worst Oscars 2017 Screw-ups (It Wasn’t Just the La La Fail!)

Let’s quickly recap these 10 worst Oscars 2017 screw-ups, so you, like the rest of the internet, can make dank memes!

15 Times Pokemon Go Went Too Far

Some gamers are ready to do anything just to catch the beast. Let’s take a look at the funniest places where people were looking for Pokemons.

15 Times Disney Lied to Us About Girls’ Fashion

Who doesn’t like Disney princess movies? Yet it doesn’t change the fact that they are packed with some pretty surreal (although mostly funny) lies that some, if not all, kids tend to believe are true. While some of them are cute and charming, others may get you in real trouble. Well, at least everyone had a good laugh when you actually tried to comb your hair with a fork like Ariel did. Disney movies may be fun, but they make unforgivable lies about style and fashion!

The Truth Behind The “Perfect” Instagram Photos

Art requires dedication and, from time to time, even sacrifice. So, for their awesome photoshoot “A Kitchen Lived In: Perception vs Reality”, Wren Kitchens teamed up with five popular bloggers to reveal what lies a perfect Instagram post may be hiding. You’ll see how smart cropping, right angle and some filters can turn a chaotic kitchen table into a top-notch Instagram post.

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time! (20 pics)

Let’s go straight to the fails shall we?

18 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS

Yay, online shopping! Where previous generations had to spend entire afternoons running from store to store in hopes of finding that one item they were looking for, the internet has once again made life significantly easier for all of us. In most cases, let’s assume the vast majority, these transactions are completely flawless. Luckily for us, sometimes the transaction goes completely south...

18 Incredibly Cringeworthy Couple Tattoos

If you’re one of those couples who like to show their affection publicly, but french kissing and light petting just don’t cut it for you anymore, and you still want to make everyone around you barf every time they see you, just repeat after these couples - get cringeworthy tattoos! You’ll see people unfriend you on Facebook faster than you can say “Suicide Squad was actually a pretty fun movie” but that's fine, they're just jealous of your love!

Guys Parody Girls’ Most Cliché Instagram Photos

The internet will always give people crazy ideas on what to ridicule, and this time it's the stereotypical and cliché Instagram photos of random girls. We got the poser, the gym selfie shooter, the “I have gorgeous hair, LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS IT IS” and many, many more. Thankfully, these dudes have an amazing sense of humor and are way more creative with their versions of the photos. Let's take a look at these masterpieces!

30 Freakishly Weird Foods You Can Find at Your Local Market

If you want to see some freaky-looking food, come right up, I’ll be your guide!

21 Most Hilarious “How People Shower” Memes

A few years back, this guy Arthur made a short Vine sketch about how British people shower. Using the most British of the stereotypes - tea - he showed himself showering with teabags. Because how else are you supposed to do it? And now, when the Internet has finally caught up to this trend, other people around the world started sharing their stereotypical showering habits in a form of this hilarious meme.

The Most Typical Parenting Problems You Don’t Know About

Let’s take a look what parents have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of these situations are more than just funny, so grab your popcorn and check out these hilarious pics.

All The Yoga GIFs You Need To See Now !

Yoga is really unpredictable and anything can happen with people who want to get a perfect body. Often, it goes too far. Start browsing this gallery to see the most memorable yoga GIFS.

God-like Photoshop Skills of Lorenz Valentino

His skills are so amazing, that it's really hard to believe he's not actually there side by side with Deadpool, Adele, or shaving Victoria Backham’s leg. So let’s take a look at these masterpieces, shall we?

Surfing + Cosplay = EPIC WIN!

There’s this awesome annual surfing event in Santa Monica, California, where people dress up and cosplay as all sorts of weird characters and historical figures and hit the waves. There are no losers here, only winners and tons of fun!

16 Of The Hottest Mugshots You’ve Ever Seen

Their mug shots caused a huge stir, the Internet users fell in love with their natural beauty and charm. We would like to see these women on the cover of fashion issues rather than in jail, but there are some things we can’t change.

Parents Troll Their Kids Recreating Their Selfies and Posting Them on Social Media

Here are the stories that will make you laugh until you cry. Do we have to say these photos became extremely viral after being sneaked onto social media? You bet! Garnering more than 30 thousand likes is a serious thing! But not all the kids took the gags of their parents positively.

25 Funniest Pokemon GO Memes

People have been wanting for Pokemon to leak into the real world for decades, and now, with Pokemon GO we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The game has been out for a week or so, and people have already called it their favorite game ever !