Cheap Cosplay Ideas from a Taiwanese Genius

The Halloween craziness is over, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up and cosplay some of your favorite characters, right? You can spent countless hours and even days, working on a perfect costume, or... you can try doing some low-cost cosplay, just like this Taiwanese dude.He uses everything his hand can reach, adds some creative vision, and about 5-10 minutes to glue everything together if needed. And, voila!Enjoy getting your mind blown, dear readers!

40 Ridiculously Satisfying Pictures That Will Soothe Your Soul

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20 People Having a Way Worse Day Than You

So you think you're having a really bad day because you failed to get a morning coffee, or you stepped into a puddle in your brand new white shoes? Hah! It's nothing but a mere nuisance, compared to what other people have experienced. Of course, not talking about the actual horrible stuff that can happen, because that would be messed up.Here are 20 people having a really crappy day! Hope this makes you feel better.

30+ Hilarious Office Pranks

Sometimes office workers get a bit bored, and what do you do when you're bored out of your mind? You spice things up, by pranking your beloved coworkers! You can also try pranking your boss, of course, but it does not always end well for the daredevils.Let's see these 30+ creative ideas that will help you mess with your office coworkers!

26 Phenomenal Makeup Transformations

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15 Poor Animals That Had Too Much To Drink Last Night

Animals aren’t that different from humans. Have you seen those faces cats make when they look at you and those hilarious poses dogs sometimes recreate? They are just like us! They may not drink like we do, but they surely do sometimes look like they’re experiencing the worst hangover ever. Here are 15 poor souls that shouldn’t have drunk so much last night.

Hysterically Funny Asian T-Shirts

Let me ask you a small question: how many times have you thought that Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters just look awesome, irrelevant of their meaning? How many times have you considered getting

20 Random People Caught Publicly in Awkward Positions

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This Hot Girl In Yoga Pants Wears A Hidden Camera To Catch Men Peep’in

Wow…nobody knows why but men really like to stare at women wearing yoga pants (Magic? I don’t think so). But a good and juicy butt is what every single man is thinking about (Some voices of feminists

Taiwan’s watermelon bread will delight your senses and confuse your tastebuds

What is the most craves food on scorching summer days? Here’s a hint: it’s not a beverage.Let’s face it, when it comes to Summer’s heat eating gradually becomes less relevant. Meals are being yielded

20 Things Only People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Will Understand

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The Many Faces Of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is an icon in Hollywood. But now the famous actor has gone beyond that and became a pop-culture phenomenon. So it’s not surprising that the crazy whacky guy became a meme and the latest f

17 Selfies That Went To The EXTREME

Everyone loves taking a selfie once in a while when the place and occasion are appropriate. There is nothing wrong with sharing some exciting moments in your life with friends…and the world. Even cele

Beware of the Dog! (15 Pics)

What if your dog is so nice, it’s the worst burglary repellant in the world? I mean, society demands you put up the “beware of the dog” sign, but not all dogs deserve that moniker.

20 Humiliating Text Responses That Will Teach You To Never Text Your Ex

This gallery will show you how to talk to your ex. See the craziest answers in this fabulous collection.  Sometimes people don’t appreciate everything you do, and when it’s gone, they would take it

12 Funniest Spanglish Memes

Have you ever been in a situation where you begin a sentence in English y termino en español? Congratulations, you probably speak fluent Spanglish! Must be hard for your friends and family to understand you properly, when you switch back-and-forth between English and Spanish, but you still love doing it anyway, because it's fun, and it's how our brains are wired when we know multiple languages.Now let's check out 12 memes every Spanglish speaker will definitely relate to.

15 Salsa-Hot Donald Trump Memes

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Kids Love Getting Messy – Deal With It!

Kids can be the cutest thing on Earth, but they can also drive you crazy when they start screaming, running around the house or totally lose it over nothing. It would be a lie to say that being a pare

Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh

A dolphin and a human: one of them is doing tricks while the other looks on amused. If you think you know which one is which, think again. When this girl decided to practice gymnastics in front of a

Guys VS Girls

The irony, when guys do the same things as girls do, they always get criticized.Double standards are everywhere, some of them may influence human behavior.We can talk about this topic for hours, but

Cooking Fails: Expectations VS Reality

We can’t say for sure why these cooking fails happen so often, especially when we try to whipup something special in the kitchen and hope that it’s gonna be fine. People can find inspiration everywher