15 Most Awkward Gym Moments

Harder, better, faster, stronger but safety’s first! Gym is a place where you can slash a few pounds of fat, work on your biceps and skip a leg day. Needless to say that most of gym-goers aren’t profe

The Funniest Examples Of Autocorrect Fails

It may happen to everyone who uses autocorrect for writing messages and sometimes these fails can be really painful. But in some cases people use autocorrect to hide their real intentions, rather than

Be Careful What You Ask For Because This Guy Is a Real Photoshop Troll Master

Of course, the power of Photoshop also implies the power to seriously mess with people. And as you would expect, not all Photoshop requests are quite what the other person expects them to be. Let’s take a look at some vanity gone wrong

Creative Wallpapers to Cover Up Your Cracked Phone Screen

If you’ve ever dropped/hit/hammered/sat on your phone or iPad you’ve probably seen a mesmerizing mosaic of cracks, like a flower that blooms from destruction. But don’t fret, there is a cheap way to cover up your smashed screen!So, here are a few of the more creative wallpapers for your cracked screen. Enjoy!

Reasons You Should Have Her Sleep Over Before Calling Her Bae

Makeup is every girl’s friend. Chicks want to look WOW but at the same time us guys don’t want to be deceived. If we are going to be the BF, we want to know what’s under the “war paint”. This potent

30 Extremely Ugly Festive Sweaters

We do this weird ritual every Christmas. Millions of people, even celebrities, all over the world will start (or have already started) wearing their special holiday attire – the ugly Christmas sweaters. Oh what joy indeed! Who doesn’t like that warm and fuzzy feeling when you notice someone staring at your X-mas swag, because you’ve cut out a Christmas-tree-shaped hole in your sweater? Yeah, they won’t be able to unsee your epic chest hair for a long time now. Mission accomplished!

10 Ladies Cosplaying Gimli and other Dwarves of the Middle-Earth

There’s one really weird trend floating around the internet these days: pretty girls braiding their own hair into beards. Yes, I said “beards”. What is up with that? These beauties transform their long silky locks, add some hairstyling magic, and create amazing dwarven and wizard beards, depending on the length of their hair.

15 Disturbing Inanimate Objects Staring at You

Ever had a feeling like someone's watching you? Well, you might be less crazy than you think! And the saying “walls have ears” is a bit more literal too. They also have eyes and mouths if you really look closely. Not only walls, though! Lots of stuff around you may resemble funny, angry, or creepy faces, and when you see them...Ever had a feeling like someone's watching you? Well, you might be less crazy than you think! And the saying “walls have ears” is a bit more literal too. They also have eyes and mouths if you really look closely. Not only walls, though! Lots of stuff around you may resemble funny, angry, or creepy faces, and when you see them...

You Had One Job! (33 Pictures)

You've probably experienced this a bunch of times yourself, when you were distracted at work or got so lazy you couldn't give a crap. Your brain just goes into an autopilot mode, the hands begin to do their thing, and stuff just happens on its own. There are people, however, who, and I'm just thinking out loud here, do it on purpose. So here are some of each kind. You decide which one's which.

Things We’ll Miss The Most About Obama

Since his term is slowly but surely coming to a close, let’s take a look at some of the best moments of eight years Obama has graced us with his presence in international politics.

34 Dirtiest Valentine Cards

Send your crush one of these Valentine cards with both of your names and you're guaranteed to at least make him or her laugh. If you're lucky, you're gonna get really lucky, if you're picking up what I'm laying down. Sure, some of these aren't all that dirty, but hey, just try them! Some of the reactions will be priceless, to say the least.

The 10 Creepiest Ways To Say You Love Your Valentine

Stop looking for another gooey way to say those three little words. Say no to sentimental bla-bla-bla like “To the world you’re just one person, but to me you mean the world.” Get the message across in the most blood-curdling manner possible! It’s also a one-of-a-kind way to put your darling’s sense of humor to the test.

20 Freakiest Costumes to Try This Halloween

As the legend goes, on the Halloween eve the realm between the world of the living and the world of the dead, spirits, demons (and probably dead demons) becomes so thin that some of them can get out and roam around a bit in the human realm. Horrifying masks and costumes are worn as protection from those nasty beings. If you look like one of them, perhaps you could all just become friends. Or no. Anyway, the scarier you dress for Halloween – the better! Here are a few ideas for you to try this time.

23 Hilarious Mom Text Fails

Today we'll look at some of the best-worst mom texts ever typed. Time to release the Kraken!

15 Most Bizarre Hotel Requests (that Were Actually Fulfilled )

Take a look at some of the craziest hotel requests left by the visitors, that were actually fulfilled by the hotel staff.

30 Photos Taken at Just the Right Angle

In the world that we live in, it's all about the perspective and playing with it. It is important to see good in bad, and vice versa, but what's even more fun is to take pictures of people, objects and animals at just the right angle. Timing is crucial in such photos as well, and you'll understand why in just a second.

Douchebag Mario GIFs

Check out the best of the best GIFs that will once and for all prove that Mario and Luigi are not as harmless as we thought they were. Enjoy!

The 20 Cutest & Funniest Animal GIFs Ever

We like animal GIFs, you like animal GIFs, everyone likes animal GIFs! Regardless if they’re goofy, adorable or acting like real a-holes (looking at you, cats), these guys make internet a better place

Hilariously Unfortunate Newspaper And Magazine Layout Fails

Let’s take a look at a couple of layout fails so bad, they’re almost wins.

20 Gifs That Actually Prove Professional Wrestling Is Really Crazy

There are lot of fans who love wrestling to death. They know all their heroes and they can’t wait to see every next sports event. Pro wrestlers do a lot of insane tricks, in some cases there are too dangerous and breathtaking at the same time. Also there are some things that nobody can explain. It’s time for you to see the most extraordinary wrestling gifs and chill for a while.