10 Weirdest Delicious-Looking Fruits

10 Weirdest Delicious-Looking Fruits

We’ve all heard, seen and tasted apples, pears, lemons, and all those other boring, mundane fruits, but can you imagine something crazy like, for example, a cactus, to be edible and actually delicious? Hell, no! Well, let me give you a quick tour to show you what mother nature can come up with, when she’s bored. Some of these were genetically modified by us, humans, by the way, so, go us!
Maybe next time, when you’re having a lazy stroll through your local grocery store in search of something delicious, you’ll pay attention to the fruits and veggies section, and see one of these strange-looking things awkwardly lying there. Okay, no more stalling, let’s go!



1. Buddha’s hand, price: $12.50 each
This fellow is not edible, since there’s no juice or pulp, but it sure does smell amazing.



2. Pineberry, price: $6.50/pot
What has white pulp with red seeds, tastes and smells like a pineapple (hence the name pineberry) but isn’t one? That’s pineberry for you!




3. Dragon fruit, price: $28.95/3 fruits
Apart from looking like it’s on fire, the Dragon fruit also tastes incredibly sweet and a bit sour. Funny thing is, it’s one of those weirdo’s what grow on cacti.




4. Yellow watermelon, price: $0.12 each
It’s juicy, it has seeds and it looks funky, but it’s still a watermelon, so what did you expect, bacon flavor?




5.  Black tomatoes, price: $0.04 each
What? Tomatoes are technically fruit too, you just don’t use them for a fruit salad. And it’s not because they’re black.



6. Red bananas, price: $25.70/5 lbs
Smaller package but much sweeter, creamier taste? Sign me up! Like any other banana you can eat them raw, dried, dip it in Nutella, blended for a milkshake, it’s all up to you.




7. Red pineapple, price:???
Apparently, you can’t put a price tag on something like this, huh? Well, I’d love to try it someday.




8. Yellow/blue raspberries, price: $3.80
Regardless of their “skin” color, raspberries are incredibly healthy. Their seeds are like nature’s little aspirins, and their juicy flesh is so yumm!




9. Blue strawberry, price: $0.07
At first I thought this was some boss-level photoshop, but turns out they do sell blue strawberries! Oh how I love the internet (also, it may or may not be fake/scam, but I choose to believe in humanity)!



10. Prickly pear cactus fruits, price: $21.95/6 fruits
The red fruit, or pear, of this cactus, AKA “tuna”, is perfect for desserts. It is said to have a similar taste to a watermelon. Best part is, since it grows on a cactus, you don’t really need to look after it, water it every day, or bring it compost for dinner and breakfast.


Full disclosure: I’ve googled the prices, but didn’t buy any of the fruits, so additional fees may apply as well as the prices may differ. Or not, I don’t know. Just google it yourself, geez!

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