11 Dirty Celeb Secrets Revealed By Their Staff

11 Dirty Celeb Secrets Revealed By Their Staff

It’s hard to avoid gossip when dealing with celebrities. People like discussing their lovely traits and habits just as much as they like gossiping about their weird hobbies and crazy activities. Thus, it comes as no surprise that from time to time celeb staff workers feel the temptation to reveal a few secrets of world known celebs. After all, they are just like us, mere mortals, and often skip brushing their teeth or washing their hair as well as some other things we do on a daily basis. Some celebs have pretty ‘innocent’ habits, while others have some really unpleasant ones. Here are 11 dirty celeb secrets we wish we didn’t know about.



Taylor Swift
It appears that Taylor Swift’s obsession with cats is more than everyone thought it was. We all knew she liked cats, but an insider says she actually has pictures of them all over her house and constantly grooms her own kitties in order to get rid of excessive hair and, well, because she just likes doing that!



Britney Spears
There’s always an ‘oops’ moment when it comes to Britney Spears. Her sloppiness is sadly known among housekeepers and many have told stories about junk food lying all around her posh villa. Britney also seems to be a nose-picker and can go without a shower for a considerable amount of time.

Christina Aguilera
Aguilera’s housekeepers have revealed that the diva is not crazy about cleanliness. She can leave the restroom without washing her hands and then go straight to dinner and eat with those same hands. Eww!



Ryan Gosling
One of the most romantic guys on modern silver screen has a few unpleasant secrets of his own. It appears that, out of all things, this guy actually enjoys waxing! Even women cringe when they think about this procedure, but it’s different for Ryan – he does it a few times a month and really likes the whole pain-for-beauty deal. Go figure!



Miley Cyrus
Miley is known for many things, almost all of them crazy. She likes to shock people with everything she does, even the way she lives! It appears that Miley Cyrus isn’t very good at training pets – anonymous source revealed that her pups left pee and poo all over the place, leaving poor maids to deal with the mess. That’s a no-no, Miley!



Jessica Simpson
We don’t really see that much of Jessica apart from news and freaky Internet lists. It appears that this celeb has a few weird habits to top it all – she doesn’t like cleaning teeth! And often skips that morning/evening ritual just because she doesn’t like the squeaky feel she gets afterwards. She’s also hard to live with as she throws all her things around!

Kristen Stewart
We should’ve gotten used to Kristen’s weirdness by now, but she still manages to surprise her fans with quirky habits. It appears that Kristen is a chain smoker! Yep, that’s right, she smokes all the time, and while that’s bad for health, it’s also really untidy – Kristen’s maids said they’ve found cigarette butts everywhere, even in the fridge and shower!



Mariah Carey
No matter how well you treat your staff members, someone will still be unsatisfied. It appears that Mariah’s maids have talked about the singer’s problem with alcohol. Sometimes the Diva drinks so much that she passes out and the maids need to do all her hair and makeup!



Matthew McConaughey
Even Mr. Perfect has some ugly secrets of his own. We all know that he doesn’t like wearing perfume, but that can’t be too bad, right? What you might like less is the fact that Matthew abhors deodorants as well. Things got so awful that a co-star once offered him her deodorant, but he rejected it with the reason being ‘Women like my scent. I smell like me!’



Robert Pattinson
Even the cast of Twilight admitted that more often than not Robert was impossible to be around – because of the smell! The star himself revealed that his unique hairstyle was the result of him not washing his hair for ages. If that’s not gross, then we don’t know what is!

Megan Fox
How can someone with such lovely looks have dirty secrets? Well, easy-peasy! Sources reveal that Megan Fox has a habit of not flushing the toilet. She also doesn’t like to clean and just loves throwing all her stuff around the house. She’s impossible to live with!

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