11 Illegal Things That We’ve All Done Once But Didn’t Know About

11 Illegal Things That We’ve All Done Once But Didn’t Know About

We’ve come to the point that laws are so complex and full of loopholes, that we no longer know what is or isn’t legal. Hell, maybe even this article is illegal! (It’s not, trust me)



11) Using torrents and/or unofficial TV streaming sitesLet’s start with the most obvious one. Not everyone can afford a Netflix subscription and even if they can, sometimes the movie or the show you want to watch is simply not there. So, what do you do? Yup, you go straight to Google and hit that “watch Parks and Rec season 1 online” into the search bar. Guess, what, Harry, ye’re a criminal, not a wizard!



10) Fake names on social networksRemember that time when you registered under the name “Cumberdict Benedatch” on Facebook because your real name was Bob Smith Jr.? You guessed it – illegal!



9) Connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-FiYou shouldn’t use your loud neighbor’s Wi-Fi, but it’s not your fault it has no password protection, right? … Right? WRONG! Now go pay your internet bills before the cops get you.



8) Singing Happy Birthday songHappy Birthday to … What? Copyrighted? Are you serious right now? It’s illegal to sing the birthday song? The one everyone always sings? No wonder Futurama made their own Birthday Song (with blackjack and hookers!)



7) Selling stuff on eBay without declaring earningsHave you ever sold some junk from your garage on eBay? Stuff like your old phone, maybe some rare comic books or a shiny Charizard card? If you have and you didn’t declare the earnings, prepare for a visit from the IRS. Nah, just don’t tell anyone and you’ll be fine. But it’s still technically a tax fraud.



6) Unlocking your phone“Thou shalt not dabble with thy iPhoneth or its OS!’ – so says the first Apple commandment. While Jailbreaking is technically legal, it still voids your warranty and leaves you with that horrible aftertaste if something goes wrong. Android phones don’t have that issue, by the way.



5) Using memes, GIFs and other imagesWe all love funny GIFs and witty memes but did you know that a lot of them, including scenes from movies, TV shows, music clips and other media, are still copyrighted material? Well, next time you post the “Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion” GIF, praise Joss Whedon for not going DMCA on your ass!



4) Underage FB accountsYou though getting your 10 year old daughter a Facebook account would be a great idea but in fact it’s wrong on so many levels… Good thing underage accounts are actually illegal, not to mention stupid!



3) Ulpoading copyrighted content on YTSame as with GIFs and pics, uploading copyrighted content from movie scenes, TV series and games to YouTube is a no-no. Even upper-class game reviewer like AngryJoe had troubles with Nintendo taking down his videos on multiple occasions. Internet laws are so weird.



2) Having fun on computers at workApparently, you can’t play games, listen to music, watch videos, or have any sort of fun on your work computer. Why? Because “work” turns into “recreation” and you certainly can’t have that flying around.



1) Hiring a killerThis last point seems like a no-brainer, yet, apparently, some people think it’s okay to hire an assassin. No, people, it is not okay to pay for someone’s death with money.

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