14 Amazing Beds You’ll Never Want to Get Out of in the Morning

14 Amazing Beds You’ll Never Want to Get Out of in the Morning

Sleep is awesome, it’s recharging your batteries, cools down your brain, so you don’t do anything stupid and is overall vital for our sanity. It’s also one of the biggest time-killers out there, taking about 25-30% of our life on this planet. We need sleep and we want it to be as comfortable as possible, which is why we’ve developed this whole bed fetish. Some people like their beds big and soft, others like sleeping on the floor, but these 14 creative beds will rock your socks off!



Vertical Bed

If you get past the how’s and why’s, this actually looks like pretty comfy bed, right? It’s like you’re sleeping in a giant cloud or a marshmallow… or a giant spider cocoon!



Nightmare Fuel Spider Man

Because why wouldn’t you want to take a nap on Spidey’s crotch? You definitely can’t sleep well in this thing, but for true Spider-Man fans it’s perfect!



Doc Sofa Bunk Bed

Not all Transformers turn into cars, jets or mecha-dinosaurs, some of them like to keep it low key and just chill in our houses… as sofa bunk-beds!



Cardboard Bed “Itbed”

Most people don’t like sleeping on the floor, but what do you do when you don’t have a bed or a mattress? Easy! You get yourself a cardboard bed made from 7 mm thick cardboard, folded like an accordion. It’s physics, guys!



Magnetic Floating Bed

Speaking of physics… Magnets, how do they work? I get it that this is a prototype, but a floating bed is a dream come true for many couples. No more screeching sounds at night, am I right?



Hamburger Bed

Be the cheese, or the salad, or even the burger patty! Be the burger you’ve always wanted to be, don’t let your dreams be dreams! Just do it! DO IT!



Molecular Bed

I’d never have guessed that 120 soft balls covered with elastic fabric would make such a great bed. You can use these balls to make all sorts of humps and valleys, which means you won’t need any pillows or blankets!



Coffin Bed

Not the most popular option on this list but definitely a good one. If you’re a vampire. This baby is apparently so comfy that it’ll cost you over $4000! Try explaining to your boss that you’ve overslept because your coffin wouldn’t open.



Nest Bed

In case you’ve wanted to sleep like a bird, you can now. Why? That’s an issue between you and your therapist.



The Biggest Hammock Ever

Hammocks are perfect for taking naps, and the bigger they are – the harder you sleep. Meaning, you’ll probably never wake up if you try this one.



Book Bed

All you need to know about this one is that it was invented by a Japanese dude. It’s weird, uncomfortable and Japanese. You’ll either love it or hate it. And it also can be folded into a “book”!



The Loft Bed

If you don’t have enough room for a bed, what the hell are you doing with your life? Anyway, this thing right here is a horrible idea, but you know what they say: if it looks stupid but works – it ain’t stupid.



Ice Bed

What better way to watch some Netflix and chill, than cuddling up in this cool bed. It’s perfect for a hot date… which is ice. Okay, I’ll show myself out now. But before I go…



Comfiest Cat Bed

Yes, it’s a carton box, what’s your problem? The comfiest thing a cat can get!

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