15 Airlines with the Hottest Flight Attendants

15 Airlines with the Hottest Flight Attendants

It may seem as if being a flight attendant is easy, and you get to travel the world for free, but in reality it’s super challenging and demanding, and yeah, you do get to see the world. I don’t know much about flying, planes, or flight attendants, but I do know a lot of you like to look at pictures of attractive women in uniforms. And so, I present to you 15 airlines with the hottest flight attendants/ air hostesses!



1. Stunningly beautiful air hostesses from Emirates airline in Dubai.



2.Say hello to Singapore airlines and their amazing flight attendants.



3. Alluring PAN America stewardesses.

4. If I could, I’d travel with VietJet Air. Just saying.



5. 4 cuties representing South Korean T’Way airlines.



6. Elegant and seemingly very strict ladies of the Indonesian Pelita Air.



7. Do you like Lufthansa airlines? Well, now you do!



8. This picture proves that Bolivian AeroSur airlines have the most attractive flight attendants.

9. Nothing too flashy on the Malasian Firefly airlines, but it’s more than enough.



10. China Southern airlines seem to have the longest boarding queue.



11. Let’s not forget India’s Kingfisher airlines!



12. Hong-Kong’s finest flight attendants in one photo.



13. Did you know Russian Aeroflot hired such beautiful women to be their air hostesses?

14. Probably the prettiest uniform of all the airlines belongs to Thai Airlines.



15. And last but not least, second sexiest flight attendant crew – Virgin Atlantic, USA.

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