15 Fascinating Facts About The Miss Universe Pageant

15 Fascinating Facts About The Miss Universe Pageant

Are you one of those people who watch the Miss Universe Pageant? If you are, then you’re probably taking it seriously, where you prepare the snacks for everyone, mute your phone, and wear that ridiculous tiara from your prom. Hey, it’s all fine, as long as you’re having fun, we’re not here to judge. But since you’re such a big fan of this particular beauty pageant, I’m gonna tell you a few things that you probably didn’t know. Or maybe you know all this stuff, in which case, sorry for wasting your time.
Let’s just dive into these 15 fascinating facts about the Miss Universe pageant!



1. Who was the first MU winner and when?
First Miss Universe Pageant was won by Armi Kuusela from Finland in 1952. Armi is 82 years old today.



2. Which beauty pageant is more popular: Miss World, Miss Earth, or Miss Universe?
The number one spot goes to the Miss Universe pageant! Roughly 500,000,000 people watch it annually.



3. Who has hosted MU in the past?
Only the wold-renowned hosts like Bob Barker, Alan Thicke, and Dick Clark were good enough.

4. Who won the 2016 MUP?
It was Iris Mittenaere from France.



5. What are Iris’s hobbies?
Iris loves cooking, and wants to pursue a career in dental surgery. She’s also a huge Beyoncé’s fan!



6. What are the only 3 countries that have participated in every single Miss Universe Pageant since 1952?
Those are Canada, France, and Germany.



7. How much is the crown worth?
It’s estimated to be worth $300,000, at least for the last 3 winners. And here’s a cool fact: it took 16 weeks to create that magnificent Manhattan skyline.



8. Which country waited the longest to snag their second win?
*drum roll* It’s Colombia! They won their first crown in 1958, and had to wait for 56 years, till 2014, to wear it again.

9. Can you win the pageant by just looking hot?
Apparently, not, as you also have to have something in your head. The contestant must also be intelligent, cultured, and well-mannered, which means I’d lose right from the start.



10. Is there a catch for becoming the Miss Universe?
There is! But it’s one of the best catches out there: the winner must travel around the world promoting disease control, AIDS awareness, peace and other humanitarian stuff.



11. Can the winner be dethroned?
Hell yes, she can! Remember Oksana Fedorova? She was crowned Miss Universe in 2002 but was replaced by the runner-up, because she could no longer fulfill her duties and went to get a law degree.



12. What’s the oldest and youngest MU winner?
The oldest one was 26 years old, and the youngest was just barely 17. Recently they’ve changed the min/max age in the official rules to 18/26.



13. Who were the tallest and shortest winners?
The tallest Miss Universe was Amelia Vega, at 6’2″, while the shortest was Apasra Hongsakula, at 5’4″.

14. Steve Harvey did nothing wrong!
Well, okay, maybe announcing that Miss Colombia won the 2015 show, when in reality it was Miss Philippines, wasn’t the best move in his long career, but come on, at least we’ll be remembered!



15. Which country holds the most Miss Universe titles?
Here’s a surprise… it’s the U.S., of course, standing at 8 wins, with Venezuela and Puerto Rico breathing down their neck at 7 and 5 wins, correspondingly.

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