19 Extremely Ripped Bodybuilders That Actually Exist

19 Extremely Ripped Bodybuilders That Actually Exist

Bodybuilding competitions can be a real treat to watch but some people just don’t give a damn about their bodies and are pushing themselves to the extreme. Here are some of the most insane, tremendous and, most of the times, plain wrong musclebound monstrosities on this planet. Remember, steroids will F you up, son!


Feel the fear! Imagine what he can do to your frail little body!


Apparently his muscles attach to the back of his head.


If Africa had the Avengers, this guy would be their Hulk.



Does this look right? I didn’t even know you were supposed to have that many bulges in your arms!


Never skip the neck day, kids.


Why would you do this to your body?



That awkward moment when you realize you have bigger boobs than your girlfriend.


No you are in double trouble!


Looks like he’s smuggling some giant bricks in his guns!



This guy could probably break your body in half!


Yup, you did this to yourself, now go stand in the corner! And try not to break anything.

This is getting out of hand…



Veins, veins everywhere!


Time to cover some of girls. Giant, musclebound Valkyries.


Just to remind you: this is someone’s fetish.



Are you a boy or a girl?


Death by Snu-Snu!


I wouldn’t risk cheating on this lady.


Hope she has a permit for those bazookas!

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