20 Famous Logos Then And Now

20 Famous Logos Then And Now

People generally don’t like change… until they do. And as you may’ve probably figured out, the World doesn’t give a hoot about what we like, constantly changing, evolving, improving, kicking our asses. We’ve adapted to that scheme of things as well, and we don’t even notice the small changes sometimes. I mean, if I asked you what the previous logo of Amazon used to look like, would you be able to describe it? Probably not.
Just like the world around us, companies and businesses must constantly evolve to stay ahead of the competition. And this doesn’t mean just refreshing the design of their products or providing new services, but also changing even the tiniest details, like the font or the color of their official logos.
Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent, and iconic logo changes, from the world’s most famous companies, and compare how they currently look, to how they looked in the (not so) distant past. Let us know if you remember any of the older ones in the comments!



1. Apple
Why else would you call your computer company after the most common of the fruits? Because Newton!



2. Firefox
Or rather a fire…chicken?



3. Starbucks
Not entirely sure what the original one was supposed to mean, but the new one looks so much better!

4. Disney
Sooo… nothing’s really changed, apart from the color?



5. Google
Gee, it’s a slightly different font!



6. Nokia
It’s probably for the best that they got rid of the fish.



Needs more blocks and bleeding legs in the logo!



8. Canon
You can Kwanon!

9. Nintendo
Looks like a tiny pack of cigs, doesn’t it?



10. Ford
Oh, where have we seen that floaty font? Hmmm… *cough* Jack Daniels *cough*



11. Volkswagen
They really liked their swastikas.



12. Playboy
So the bunny was sort of a comic book character, huh?



13. Discovery Channel
Apparently, people at Discovery Channel used to think the Earth was flat.

14. Adidas
And now you know that Adidas is actually a portmanteau of Adolf (Adi) and Dassler (Das).



15. AT&T
So that’s what it means? No Star Wars ATAT references? So disappointing…It’s all about the old ‘Bell System” a.k.a. “Ma Bell” the original mothership phone company in the U.S., before it was broken up into different operating companies for competition sake. Good move.



16. Adobe



17. Microsoft
This sure brings back the memories.



18. Instagram
Only the 2015’s kids will remember…

19. IBM
What even was that?



20. Amazon
Who knew they actually had a river in their logo?

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