21 Celebrity Doppelgangers (or at least lookalikes)

21 Celebrity Doppelgangers (or at least lookalikes)

Have you ever wondered if there’s anyone else in the world who looks just like you? Wouldn’t it be awesome (or weird, I guess) to see your twin brother from another mother? Hell yeah it would! And chances are that there IS someone who looks a lot like you out there. Since celebs are people too, this means that there’s a poor man’s version of Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, and even Emma Watson.
So next time you’re in a store, on a concert, or just out for a walk, look closely (but not too close, that would be very inappropriate) at other people’s faces. You never know when a real celebrity might pass you by. For now, let’s see if you can tell a doppelganger from the real deal! Enjoy this gallery of 24 celebrity lookalikes!



Jen Lopez



Harry Styles



Christian Bale



Benedict Cumberbatch



Cara Delevigne



Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling






Hugh Laurie



Maisie Williams



Taylor Swift



Johnny Depp



Miley Cyrus



Morgan Freeman



George Clooney



Emma Watson



Ed Sheeran



Scarlett Johansson



Kate Middleton



Michael C. Hall



Channing Tatum



Kate Dennings

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