30 Fascinating Superhero Facts To Get You Through The Winter

30 Fascinating Superhero Facts To Get You Through The Winter

With the recent boom of superhero movies, TV shows, cartoons, and games, it’s only natural that people are starting to get into comic books. And, believe it or not, comic books featuring super heroes have been around for decades! After all these years, even the most devoted fans can’t possibly know everything there is to know about our favorite heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, or Deadpool. This is where the internet comes in.
I personally love interesting super hero trivia, it helps me to understand their characters better, because in this day and age, being a comic book geek isn’t a stigma!
And so, here are 30 fascinating superhero facts, to get you through the winter. Excelsior!



1. Do you think Deadshot takes into account hemorrhaging and stuff?



2. If you didn’t know, there are no coincidences in the world of comics.



3. And people say Batman is technically not a “super” hero!



4.This is sort of what Wade Wison aka Deadpool has in the comics, but not as acute.

5. Again – comics. Making the impossible possible and not giving a single sh$t about real-world physics.



6. Right now, if Cap wanted to kick Stark’s ass, he’d lose like a chump.



7. Just wanted to say that Lobo is one of DC’s greatest characters. That’s all.



8. How and why, am I right?



9. Thor does not mess around. He likes a challenge, but if possible, he’d rather end it quickly.



10. That was a hell of an ordeal for the Hulk, but he didn’t really have a choice.



11. He basically erased all life in the universe, just go get into Death’s panties.



12. Apart from “ewww”, I can only say “holy sh#t!” I wish I were this brave.

13. Aaaah, the god old Marvel days, when villains were goofy, and heroes didn’t give away their secret identities to just anyone.



14. What do you think he did with all that power? Alcohol? Women? Maybe got himself a NES



15. Smells like strings… *sniff-sniff* Hmmm, or waves… I can’t tell.



16. I mean, what the f@ck did you expect from the Hulk, Logan?



17. Do I smell an inevitable Agents of SHIELD/Daredevil crossover?



18. Pretty sure his name is Jack. But then again, he’s not a real person, so it could be Ja-karta, for all we know.



19. Was he by any chance fighting Hawkeye and his fingernails?

20. If only the MARVEL Studios had the rights to the original Fantastic Four…



21. Does this sound familiar? *hint-hint* That’s how Steve introduces Wonder Woman in the trailers ;)



22. Let’s just say that the Flash doesn’t obey the general laws of physics.



23. You can’t stop the Juggernaut, b#tch!



24. This is probably the best part about Deadpool, to be frank.



25. Spider-Man is no joke when it comes to brain power.



26. You do not want to be on the receiving end of Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare. Even if you’re the Sorcerer Supreme.



27. Can you imagine how powerful would Superman become?

28. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is impossible in the comics. Even Cyclops cutting Adamantium.



29. Slade Wilson – remember that name. You’ll thank me later.



30. Damn straight, dope-ass fresh prince Deadpool!

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