30 Spectacular Comic Book Character Cosplays

30 Spectacular Comic Book Character Cosplays

In the past 10-15 years comic book nerds became quite common, almost mainstream, and these days nobody bullies them for arguing if the Flash is faster than Quicksilver (because of course he is!), or if Wolverine can beat Batman (because of course he can!). These are the kind of topics pretty much everyone, even vaguely familiar with comic books, and comic book movies, like to discuss today. Isn’t it fun to speculate and share knowledge about the fictional worlds and universes as if they’re actual facts, and not just some dude’s creative idea?
Anyway, thanks to the nerds, you, normies, can now witness the awesomeness that is the art of cosplay. You’re welcome. Whenever I see someone nailing a character, even if they took some creative liberties with the design, I can’t help but share that stuff with my friends. And today, just so happens that you’re all my friends, so I’m gonna show you 30 of the most jaw-dropping, ingenious, and boobalicious cosplayers from the “comic book” genre. If these people get the love they deserve, I’ll gladly do other genres, like steam-punk, games, movies/TV, etc., so go ahead and leave a comment about your favorite comic book characters!



1. Okay, lots of people are cosplaying as Iron Man, but not everyone has the guts to combine IM’s armor with Wolverine. Well played!



2. In one of those parallel universes, Quicksilver is a very attractive little speedster.



3. No offense to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, but THIS is how an Amazon should look like.



4. An Anti-Venom Spider-Gwen? Sign me up!



5. For some reason she looks like a perfect Phoenix/Jean Grey.

6. Valkyrie is one of the coolest Asgardians out there, but she’ll look very different in the upcoming Thor movie.



7. Here, have a searing-hot Spirit of Vengeance!



8. The only acceptable Harley Quinn cosplay. (JK, love them all to bits)



9. The Herald of Galactus – Silver Surfer.



10. Look at those assets! That’s Black Cat for you, ladies and gents.



11. The level of details on this Batman costume is simply astonishing.



12. And here’s Quicksilver’s little sister – Scarlet Witch.



13. Captain America hasn’t changed a bit since the 40’s.



14. I love me some Zatanna and her backward spells, like “stenhsif rof eht niw!”



15. Speaking of fishnets… Black Canary rocks them even better!

16. Mystique can be whoever you want her to be. The OG cosplayer!



17. It’s hard to believe this is not Chris Evans.



18. Cyborg is one of the hardest characters to cosplay, IMO.



19. Alright, Marvel, honey, we need a “Spider Woman” movie right now!



20. Gambit and Rogue are always a win in my book.



21. The whole roster of the Redneck Avengers! Also, that Hulk/She-Hulk situation makes me kinda uneasy.



22. If this isn’t DeVito, I don’t even know what life is anymore.



23. This is Laura. Laura will replace Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the future. At some point. Maybe.



24. Initially I thought this was Artemis, but now I see it’s actually gender-swapped Green Arrow, which is even better!



25. Simply marvelous. The color, the shield, all the tiny details. 10/10 for the Spider Cap!

26. Carol Danvers aka Miss Marvel



27. I had to. I just had to. This cosplay is so good!



27. I had to. I just had to. This cosplay is so good!



29. The most Russian of all the X-Men – Colossus.



30. And finally a Joker that would make me shit my pants if I saw this thing up close.

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