8 Of The Most Bizarre Beauty Standards EVER

8 Of The Most Bizarre Beauty Standards EVER

There are a lot of isolated groups in this world. Their strange rituals and traditions can be shocking, but let’s not hate them for being different. Their culture is what makes them act accordingly. The modern world has a lot of trends that are still misunderstood.



1.Long Earlobes (Maasai tribes of Kenya)
Many tribes around the world have their traditions, and people of the Western civilization just can’t understand them. Their body modifications are nothing, but their vision of beauty.
Their gender roles are very distinct, but both men and women see beauty as an essential part of their lives. It’s not only about original ornaments, bangles, and beads. They are still following this weird tradition of stretching earlobes. They use different methods of stretching and these facts are documented as well. Sometimes they use weight to elongate their lobes and in other cases they stretch them with larger pieces of tusk, wood, stone, thorn. The oldest tribe members have the largest earlobes. Often, they decorate stretched lobes with brilliant beadwork.



2. Stretched Lips (Mursi women of Southern Ethiopia)
Lip plates or lip disks are the most widespread fashion trend worn for centuries in different African and South American communities. Usually, only women wear these accessories that are very popular among tribal groups of Ethiopia. Mursi knows that the size of a dinner plate fits the best and girls rock them from their teenage years. This is the way they mark a girl who’s going to be a woman. At age 13 they start the process of stretching their lower lips. It’s a painful and unpleasant thing. After healing the wound, they replace one peg with a larger one, and stretching process starts over again. When the hole gets big enough, they put the first wooden plate, and it’s about 4cm across. Women have a right to choose how far they wish to stretch their lips. If a plate is more than 20cm, women have to remove some of their lower teeth (Ouch) Married women put some food on their plates when serving their husbands a meal. Also, it’s an important part of their wedding ritual.



3.Face Tattoos ( The Maori)
Ta moko is traditional Maori face tattooing. These tattoos can cover the whole face,
The patterns and placement on their face vary, such as family history or social status. Moko contains a lot of tribal messages, but only Weaver knows the meaning of them.
Some say that Maori tattoos are about beauty and belonging, and they are deeper than the ink on your skin. It draws attention to the eyes, lips and creates the illusion of beauty. Moko is about glamour and beauty, it’s like a tattoo masterpiece on your skin till the day you die. Moko tattoos are always unique, and you will never find two facial moko alike.



4.Scarification (Ethiopia’s Karo tribe)
It’s no surprise that people around the world use their bodies to express their cultural identity, status or connection to gods. The scarification process is an extremely painful thing.
Usually, Karo women scar their chests to become more attractive, and it’s a part of the ancient ritual.
Scars are made with a knife and sometimes they cut deep. Women confess that the main reason they do this is to attract men. When women receives the last of her scars, she’s allowed to marry and have kids. All these scars look unique and different,
It’s something like a work of art on their skin.



5. Kayan Long-Necks
The Kayans live in northern Thailand in villages that are open to travelers. Women wear these crazy neck rings since childhood starting from four or five and adding more. These rings are creating the illusion of a super long neck. Women don’t remove their rings even while sleeping. One legend says these rings protect women from tiger’s attack, other stories say it’s just another beauty tradition. Women with long necks are more attractive for their local playboys. (What’s up, girl? Want to hang out?) Just kidding:)
Anyway, a lot of women refuse to follow this tradition; others pay their dues to their ancestors.



6. Yaping Hullo nose plugs (the Indian tribe Apatani)
Yaping Hullo is like piercing, but the bamboo strips are replaced to enlarge the hole. When the hole is big enough, a cane plug is ready to be inserted. A lot of older women still have this weird fashion thing. Nose plugs are an integral part of their roots, and modern women don’t wear them anymore. But there’s a belief that women were wearing yaping hullo to look unattractive for guys from other tribes.



7. Lotus Feet (China)
This is one of the most extreme body mods ever. (Cray) Women were isolated in imperial China, and that’s why they were doing anything for beauty, even trying this painful beauty method.
At the age of five, girl’s feet were bound tightly with cotton strips, warping them. The wrappings
Were pulled as tightly as possible and didn’t let feet grow. After the whole procedure, feet were unable to get their regular shape. It was easy to recognize women with lotus feet by their manner of their walk, also called the Lotus Gait (a swaying shuffle) Girls with lotus feet were sexually attractive and girls with bound feet had more chances to land a prestigious marriage. In 1912 this insane fashion trend was finally banned.



8. Yaeba Teeth (Double Tooth), Japan
Yaeba means double tooth, and it’s a dental procedure when molars crowd the canines and push them forward to create a fanged look. Don’t be afraid, it’s not a serious dental deformity, and it costs up to £340 for each tooth. This trend was popularized by Japanese pop stars and a lot of people in Japan think it’s cute. The whole thing is to turn an unattractive thing into something popular and beautiful. (Oh Lord) Let’s say it straight if you want to look like some elf princess – just do it! Also, women with crooked teeth are considered to be gorgeous.

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