8 Weird Paranormal Events That Changed Our History

8 Weird Paranormal Events That Changed Our History

Unexplainable things happen – that’s a fact, whether we like it or not. People are used to thinking that they control their own lives and understand the Mother Nature and the forces of the Universe, but that’s where we are all wrong. It’s safer and more convenient to think we know and understand everything, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and continue with our everyday lives. But if we throw away these self-delusions, we’ll end up in a world filled with the confusion of quantum physics and unexplainable paranormal events that are both creepy and fascinating. Some of these events have such a great impact on humanity that they change the very course of our history. Here are 8 unbelievable paranormal events that have rocked the world.



College Dorm Room Sealed Off Forever
You might not believe in ghosts, but some people claim they have seen them and even experienced the phenomenon called ‘poltergeist’. It’s easy to dismiss their stories while you’re sitting comfortably in the safety of your home, but what if the authority itself admitted that ghosts were real? This is exactly what happened in the Ohio University in Athens. Room 428 in the Wilson Hall building has become the source of all kinds of horror stories and poltergeist sightings. Supposedly, a girl died there in the ‘70s during an occult ritual of some sort. Since then, the room has become uninhabitable with objects flying around and ghosts appearing out of thin air. Ohio University did the sanest thing that could be done under those circumstances – the room was closed off for good. Nobody has lived there ever since.



The Roswell Crash
There’s hardly a person on Earth who hasn’t heard about the Roswell crash. ‘90s kids personally witnessed all the drama that surrounded the supposed crash site of the UFO in Roswell, New Mexico. The U.S. government stated it was a ‘weather balloon’ crash (or rather had something to do with spying on Russia) but there’s one thing we know for sure – the Roswell incident has inspired a whole series of conspiracy theories along with a new ‘alien vs. human’ genre in cinematography. The movie “Independence Day” was born thanks to Roswell! The crash has left its mark on the history of humanity, bringing the issue of extraterrestrial life forms closer to home.

The Blokes Who Stared at Goats
The U.S. military will go to great lengths to come up with a new kind of weapon or technique that will lead to domination over all other countries. Whatever the reasoning, they have done some weird and downright creepy stuff over the course of history, including an attempt to synthesize a ‘gay bomb’ which would literally make enemy armies ‘make love, not war’. Not to mention the numerous experiments with LSD and brainwashing techniques. The Stargate Project, however, was among the weirdest attempts to come up with an esoteric weapon. The U.S. army hired a bunch of hippies to experiment with remote viewing and ESP (extrasensory perception) and how these things could be used during warfare. Some of the techniques they experimented with included staring at goats until the poor things died. The whole story was made public by Jon Ronson who even wrote a book named The Men Who Stare at Goats.



Ancient Artifacts Question the Whole Notion of History
The history of humanity dates back 200,000 years and that’s not really that much if you compare it to the age of the Earth itself. Yet what’s more bewildering is the fact that there are remnants of some other, unknown civilizations found all over the world. The famous Dropa stones are 12,000 years old and the Klerksdorp spheres have been created 3 billion years ago. Geologists may argue that these neat-looking disks with carvings emerged from the depths of volcanoes, but all of these objects seem to be manmade (or at least alien-made). If there wasn’t even a hint of humanity during those times, then who created all these items? Ufologists believe these are proofs of extraterrestrial life forms visiting Earth, while others think that ancient civilizations inhabited Earth long before humanity was born. Either way, all these findings made us question our very existence and reconsider the whole notion of history as we know it.



The Unknown Morgellons Disease
All zombie movies, books, and games have one thing in common – an unknown virus, and some kind of horrendous disease that slowly takes over the world until there’s no one left to tell the story, but for a few survivors fighting for their lives. Yet in real life there’s a whole bunch of unknown diseases that are already here. They aren’t trying to wipe out humanity yet, but who knows what will happen in a year or two of them roaming the Earth? Morgellons Disease is a condition that causes painful sores appear all over a human’s body. The CDC has no idea where this virus came from or how to treat it. Some believe that the disease is of psychological nature, but it looks a bit more serious than a hysterical delusion. So if something goes south with Morgellons Disease, just find your local shelter and be prepared to become a part of the Z Nation.

The Bermuda Triangle €“
Puerto Rico, Miami and Bermuda have one thing in common – the infamous Bermuda Triangle. This patch of ocean stretches for thousands of miles (1,510,000 to be exact) and is sadly famous for all the ships and planes that have disappeared upon entering its air and water. And while the waters of the Bermuda Triangle aren’t on the list of most dangerous waters for shipping, this place has certainly made a lot of transportation vehicles disappear. We still can’t figure out why is this happening and whether UFOs or ancient lost technologies are responsible for all the disappearances. Yet we can’t argue the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is real and dangerous, because dozens of Navy ships and bombers disappeared in its waters during the WWII. It’s a huge mystery that has an impact on all of our lives.



The Life Deep Underwater
Humanity has spent thousands of years looking into the skies wondering whether there is life on other planets or not. Yet we’ve completely forgotten that our Earth has plenty of nooks and hidden places that have secrets of their own. For example, 85% of the world’s oceans still remain unexplored. What’s lurking beneath those waters? Maybe some unknown form of life that’s hiding too deep for us to see? Or maybe it’s intelligent enough to never want to meet human beings! The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has made a pretty eerie recording known as Bloop. The low-frequency sound was incredibly powerful, unlike anything that has ever been heard underwater. Some believed it was just an icequake (a type of underwater iceberg earthquake), yet others thought it was more than just that. After all, the location of the recorded sound was about 2 kilometers from the place where Lovecraft’s Cthulhu dwelled in the novels. And that’s not something we should take lightly.

The Battle of Los Angeles: Humans vs. Aliens
The Great Los Angeles Air Raid is something that has really influenced the human history. It can’t be considered a conspiracy as the whole world saw it happen, yet the U.S. military has shrugged it off as a ‘false alarm’ – (like there is such a thing during warfare!) What happened was that during the 24-25 of February, a few months after the Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. military responded to an unidentified attack above the Californian skies. There definitely was something, they just didn’t know what it was! Anti-artillery guns were fired, and the incident ended just like that. Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, waved it away stating that it was just a false alarm. Yet Ufologists believe that it was an actual contact with extraterrestrial beings. Whether it was a UFO or not, since that night, reports of bizarre sightings and military interactions with UFOs have increased greatly. History was never the same after that!

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