The amazing world of coffee art!

The amazing world of coffee art!

Having a cup of latte with a quirky pattern on top of it; this is nothing new today. Coffee craft is rapidly evolving to new heights and baristas all over the world have been mastering their skills to show off their talents in creating latte art. We’re sure most of you are familiar with 2D coffee art and it’s by all means very impressive.

However, some Japanese artists have gone one step further and created three-dimensional foam drawings. Using coffee, milk foam and a hell of a lot of patience, these artists have crafted everything from 3D cats, anime characters and zoo animals. Some of them have even combined two or more cups to create an even more impressive piece of 3D coffee art.
Now, let’s introduce four of the most talented Japanese baristas who stole our hearts with their amazing coffee art…




1. Sudo-san from Saryo Suisen, a cafe in Kyoto, is whipping up adorable 3D green tea latte art that look too cute to eat.





2. The cute coffee tops below are the work of Japanese Twitter user “Sugi”





3. Kazuki Yamamoto has got the Internet buzzing with these impressive foam sculptures





4. These latte art masterpieces were made by barista Yuuichi Ito who happens to be the owner of the restaurant as well. Ito is able to recreate a variety of popular characters from anime, manga, Disney, movies and just about anything else — all nicely colored and crafted with amazing details.

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