Beautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos of Heterochromia

Beautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos of Heterochromia

It’s true that eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. They are also one of the most fascinating parts of a human body that makes a person truly different from the rest. Some scientists even believe that eyes are like fingerprints – there are no two pairs that are totally alike. But when it comes to beauty, there’s hardly a more spectacular mutation than heterochromia iridum. It happens in both animals and human beings, and results in beautiful different-colored irises (that part of the eye that actually has color in it). Here are 15 examples of just how beautiful heterochromia can be.



A combination of hazel and blue is something that is pretty ‘common’ for heterochromia. Nevertheless, it looks absolutely stunning.



Heterochromia doesn’t necessarily happen in both eyes, it can also transform one eye only. But the effect is just as beautiful!



A few centuries ago people with eyes colored like that would have been considered witches or magicians. Either way, today it’s much safer to have heterochromia.

This kitty has partial heterochromia in only one eye. It looks as if someone put a spell on it!



Partial heterochromia can involve only the area around the pupil. The periphery of the eye’s iris has different color than the area close to the pupil. It looks like a star explosion!



Cats are weird enough as they are, but with heterochormia they look especially stunning. This kitty has one gold-hazel and one bright blue eye.



Dogs can have this mutation too! This little fella has the most striking eyes one can imagine – they are half white and half black. Nature really knows how to create stunning beauty!



Sometimes partial heterochormia creates the most unexpected patterns. It’s as if you’re looking at something that came from space – a whole new Universe being born inside of a person’s eye.

This girl and her cat share the same mutation! It may be a simple coincidence, or maybe she got this pet on purpose, but the effect is truly stunning. Imagine bringing this cat out for a walk!



This cat looks like a cute furry alien with otherworldly eyes like that! Green mixed with hazel and blue – the eyes of this cat are simply enchanting!



One of the greatest perks of having eyes like that – you don’t really need a costume for Halloween! People with heterochormia already look like sorcerers and magicians.



Sometimes this striking condition may occur after having surgery. Imagine waking up with eyes like that!



Women with heterochormia possess the most enchanting gaze. They can become great models and actresses.

A person can be born with heterochromia or acquire it at an older age. Yet, despite the crazy color, such people usually don’t have any problems with sight.



It’s hard to believe that such colors exist in real life. This vibrant blue and almost neon green are truly spectacular. This cat can become an Instagram star!

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