Behind the Curtains of a Bodybuilding Contest

Behind the Curtains of a Bodybuilding Contest

Anyone is allowed to take part in the annual amateur bodybuilding championship in Gosport (Hampshire), to try their best in all sorts of contests like “Miss Bikini”, for example. Some cover their bodies with a fake tan to emphasize their bulging muscles, while others focus on the physical exercises. Now, let’s go behind the curtains and see what is hidden from the public view during such events.



The participants would spend countless hours in gyms, working on their incredible physique, which they can then demonstrate among their fellow bodybuilders. Even the parking lot next to the venue looks like a real training ground: some athletes have been seen there pumping iron, doing push-ups, while others meticulously applied the fake tan.



Here you can see the “Miss Bikini” contestants waiting to be called on stage.



To chisel this kind of a body, one would require countless hours of extreme exercises.



Dad, Rene Picardi strays tan on his son – James Picardi – right before the championships start.


More “Miss Bikini” behind the scenes! Yay!



Bronzed up contestants stretching out on the parking lot.



Erin Barstowe, wearing a luxurious bikini, decides to pump some iron right before the show.



They’re hot, they’re buff and they like to show off those muscles. Who can blame them?


Final moments before the show, everyone’s preoccupied with getting that tan right.



Damn, those tattoos look incredible!



Those abs are made of stone, it seems.



You wanna go ask for her number? Death by Snu-Snu is as honorable as they get.


One more push, and she’s ready to go!



Don’t try this at home, or you may pop a vein!

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