21 Extremely Creepy and Disturbing Pictures (+1 video)

21 Extremely Creepy and Disturbing Pictures (+1 video)

We, humans, have this morbid curiosity, that sooner or later will be the death of us, but we don’t care. We see creepy shit, and what do we do? Yeah, we come closer to see what hell is that thing and who it’s eating with its giant maw!


There are brave individuals who love documenting the craziest things you’ll ever see, either by taking unsettling pictures, or drawing what they’d seen in their nightmares. You’re about to get a glimpse of the unknown, sneak a peak at the things no mortal should ever see… Proceed at your own risk!


Here are 21 extremely creepy and disturbing pictures (and one video) that will not help you fall asleep tonight.



1. Why don’t you sit down and relax first?



2. There’s something unholy about these two…



3. Who needs sleep, am I right?



4. Whatever you do, don’t let her touch you!

5. Class dismissed! Everyone evacuate through the windows one by one.



6. That’s me in the morning after drinking too much. Wa-… ter…!



7. Hey, uhh, you need a hand?



8. Hyper realistic Ren and Stimpy.



9. I don’t know why but there’s something unsettling about this picture.



10. Just hanging out with the bois…



11. There’s nothing you can do, but lie there and shit your pants.

12. Heeey there, neighborino!



13. These cute monsters don’t look friendly at all.



14. I really wanna know more about this picture.



15. Every time you go swimming…



16. What would you do if you came face to face with this handsome young freak?



17. This is a great representation of what would happen if bunnies were 15 feet tall human-eating mutants. Cute but deadly!



18. Halloween costume done right.

19. One of those things is not like the others



20. Isn’t this that psychotic redneck momma from the new Resident Evil game?



21. Mister Fingercrab wants to play!



22. Real-life avatar babies!

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