Most Insane and Shockingly Extreme Face Modifications

Most Insane and Shockingly Extreme Face Modifications

The human face is seen as the pinnacle of individualism. It’s what makes us recognizable to other people, what makes us different. It delivers a powerful first impression when meeting new people, and is often referred to when describing people to strangers. (“He’s the ginger kid with the braces!”). Individualism and “looking unique” have become the most important things in most lives today, so how on Earth could we look more unique when a face is – well, obviously – just a face.


Haircuts? Make-up? Much too fleeting and temporary. Face modifications! While in the good old days (not the one granny talks about, but way back) and in some tribes in Africa bones and paint – apart from the regular nose/ear piercings – are used to modify the shape or look of a face, us “civilized” folks prefer metal and ink. Of course these can range from “subtle dermal stud on the chin” to “Satan himself where it seems that he’s fallen into a metal-and-ink shop”. While tattoos, piercings and even implants are becoming more and more commonplace in our modern world, some people keep pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be acceptable or beautiful. The ginger kid with the braces is slowly but surely turning into the hipster-looking fellow with the ear stretcher and lip stud.


Looking at the evolution face (and body) modifications have made technically and socially, it’s very hard to imagine these things not becoming an even bigger part in society’s quest for being unique (or “special snowflake syndrome” as we call it in the business). They’re here to stay, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Just in case you’re running out of inspiration for your next visit to the tattoo parlor, let’s take a look at some of the most extreme and insane face modifications you can get done yourself.



1. Piercings
While piercings are very common today, sometimes less is more.



2. Tattoos
Famous thanks to Mike Tyson, face tattoos are pretty new. If you’re going to do them, get them done right!



3. Implants
Essentially altering the appearance of your skull by placing devices under the skin. Think “boobjob for the face”. And yes, they can make you grow devil horns.



4. Elf ears
Yes, this requires surgery. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s as painful as it looks. But hey, it makes you look like Legolas.



5. Tattooed tongue
I’ll be honest: if you can get yourself tattooed without screwing the artwork up by randomly pulling in your tongue, you have my utmost respect.



6. Lizard (forked) tongue
Pros: you can apparently move both parts independently. Cons: you have to have your tongue surgically sliced in two.



7. Eye tattoo
If you think having regular ol’ white sclera is boring, this is for you. Trauma to children completely optional and very likely.



8. Tunnels
Starting out as ear and nose tunnels, cheek tunnels are the new kids on the block. And yes, it’s pretty much what you’d expect in terms of grossness.

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