Only In Japan Will You Find These Special LED-Illuminated Skirts

Only In Japan Will You Find These Special LED-Illuminated Skirts

When it comes to fashion, it feels like Japan exists in another dimension. They’ve defined “fashion-forward” to a brand new level with their Ganguro styles, bagel head trends and many other crazy things that Japanese consider hip, but the rest of the world reckons them to be weird or whimsical.



And just as we thought Japanese fashion reached its zenith and nothing can surprise us anymore, Japanese designer Kiyoyuki Amano comes up with a new sparkling, LITERALLY sparkling, trend. Behold The LED illuminated skirt!






Kiyoyuki Amano aptly combined fashion and technology to create this astonishing trend, which embodies 2 main Japanese obsessions. The designer first placed light bulbs inside a skirt on a whim, and when he saw the pleasant lighting they caused to wearer thighs, he decided to go ahead and evolve this innovation. This is how epic LED-illuminated minis were born.





This skirt is not just a piece of cloth, it can be classified as gadget as well. Amano used a 3D printer, Bluetooth and a control board for a production of a “smart skirt”. The skirt has LED lights in its folds that light up the girl’s thighs (let’s hope guys won’t inherit this trend). There are also small sensors inside the skirt, which react on the wearer’s moves, causing the color and the pattern of the light to change each time.





Amano has named its futuristic creation the Hikaru skirt, which, as Captain Obvious prompts, means “shining skirt.” This magical skirt exists only as a prototype on the designer’s Tumblr page without a price and the official release date. But this fact hasn’t stopped Japanese girls who adopted Amano’s idea and rock DIY LED-illuminated mini-skirts to the utmost.




The thigh region of a girl is considered as ‘absolute territory’ in Japan, which means it is one of the most sexually attractive parts of the woman’s body. Since these skirts light up the girls’ hips and thus significantly increase their appealing appearance, there’s no doubt this new trend will settle down in Japan. Damn, these skirts look so fancy, I won’t be surprised if this trend will break out of the borders of its homeland and spread all over the world faster than a plague.


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