Redheads! Sexy Redheads Everywhere! (22 pics)

Redheads! Sexy Redheads Everywhere! (22 pics)

What is it about redheads, that makes all men turn their heads in awe? It’s estimated that the global redhead population is around 1-2% of people. And that’s really sad, considering how absolutely stunning 99% of ginger girls look. Could it be that their relative rarity makes them so alluring, almost unique? I don’t have all the answers, I’m here just to ask stupid questions and pad out this intro.


But if anyone can answer these questions, it’d probably be Brian Dowling, a photographer specializing in shooting redheads… Or at least their portraits! He’s already got more than 130 photos of beautiful redhead women from 20 countries for a book about bullying. How’s that gonna help against bullying? Again, I’m not here to answers any questions. Probably has something to do with ginger kids not having souls. Okay, “allegedly” not having souls.



1. A good morning from Alina from Kyiv, Ukraine



2. Gorgeous Madeline from Washington State, USA



3. Beautiful Kirstie in the Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe



4. Carmen from Best, Netherlands

5. Krissy from Stuttgart, Germany



6. Alisha from Odessa, Ukraine, taking a swim in the Black Sea



7. Ellie from London, England



8. Maria from Moscow, Russia



9. Elias in Belfast, Northern Ireland



10. Aoife from Longford, Ireland



11. Ruby from Essex, England



12. Alina from Odessa, Ukraine

13. Tara in Liverpool, England



14. A sexy ginger model in a snowy park in Munich, Germany



15. Two absolutely stunning models from Melbourne, Australia



16. Sophie from Stirling, England



17. Judith from Breda, Netherlands



18. Vanessa from South Africa and Bridget from San Francisco, USA



19. Attractive model posing at the East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany

20. Lisa from Vienna, Austria



21. Thayana from Apucarana, Brazil



22. Jessica from London, England

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