Tattoos Are Awesome!

Tattoos Are Awesome!

Tattoos are awesome. Sometimes, we get to feast our eyes on some of the most majestic masterpieces of tattoo art and conversely we sometimes observe some of the most cringeworthy blunders that actually make our eyes hurt. I think it’s safe to say that every one of us has considered getting inked at least once. Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures and has never been more popular than now. Over the centuries various cultures have developed dozens of tattoo styles. But we have decided to focus on one particular style that requires a little bit more than just skill, it requires talent. Let’s venture into the world of hyper-realistic tattoos! Realism is always hard to pull off and it’s incredibly time-consuming. We salute the most talented and patient artists who are truly dedicated to their craft. These phenomenal inks will definitely make you want to get a full sleeve right away.



1. Movie based tattoos








2. Your favorite celebrities








3. Creepy mystical tattoos that’ll scare the life out of you









4. Eyes we can stare into for hours









5. Animals (These beasts look a little bit too real)








6. Space related tattoos that truly take three dimensional tattoos to a whole new level






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