These Photography Hacks Will Make Your Pictures Look Better

These Photography Hacks Will Make Your Pictures Look Better

Photography is one of those things that everyone seems to enjoy. I guess it’s because now that we have digital cameras, it’s just become a lot easier to take a proper picture and everyone and their brother can do it. The technology can help pictures in a lot of ways, yet sadly they can’t teach amateur photographers a sense of composition.


Luckily, there’s other things that can help you take good pictures that have nothing to do with buying a five thousand dollar camera. With nothing more than a few items that pretty much everyone has in their house, you can make your pictures look a lot better and more unique. Well, most pictures. Your „I’m pushing the Pisa tower“ picture will still look cheap, below average and not as funny as you imagined it would.


Anyway, let’s take a look at some easy photography hacks to impress your undoubtedly vast amount of Instagram followers.



1. Tinfoil To Create A Unique Backdrop
Well, not that unique if everyone is going to be doing it, but you get the point.



2. Use A Fish tank For An Underwater Shot
Because ducks can be scary and this will keep your precious camera safe from these nasty predators.



3. Adding Lights With Regular Bulbs
There’s no hack for getting a model that’s clever enough to not bite a bunch of lights that have electricity running through the wire, however.

4. Using a CD To Create A Lens Flare Effect
Yup, using an object that can reflect light and using it to reflect light into your camera, can emulate the effect of light in your camera. Who’d have thought?



5. Use a Sifter For A Nice Shadow Effect
It has a cool „confessional booth“ effect. If that’s what you’re looking for.



6. Using Sunglasses As A Filter
In case that anyone would be surprised that you can filter light with an object specifically designed to filter light.

7. Removing Tourists From Your Pictures
The biggest hack would be to not take the picture everyone else is apparently taking, but baby steps.



8. Create Artsy-Fartsy Filters With Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are slowly but surely killing the planet, but at least your picture looks only slightly less boring than it would’ve without your set of nature killers.



9. Taking That Perfect Top-Down Shot
See that camera lying on the bed? That’d probably make an even better picture. Again, no hacks against stupidity. Yet.

10. Create A Ring of Fire
And then accidentally turn your model into Episode III Anakin.



11. Using A Blank CD Case As A Rain Protector
I’ll admit, this kind of thing always impresses me.



12. Using Toilet Paper Rolls For An Easy Macro Lens Hack
This is essentially how binoculars work.

13. Mimic Film Burn By Setting Yourself On Fire
Unless you can take one-handed pictures really, really fast.



14. Use a Hair Dryer For A Wavy Hair Selfie
You know, for when your regular selfies don’t have enough swag to impress your high school crush.



15. Turn Your Smartphone Into A Pinhole
I’d honestly just take a really zoomed-in picture, but apparently this is a thing now.

16. Reduce Camera Shake With Lentils
I don’t know anyone that stores this amount of lentils, but I also don’t know anyone that takes pictures from their car like a stalker, so I guess I wouldn’t know if it works either way.



17. Use A Triangular Prism For Background Reflection
You know, with that triangular prism you’ve had lying around for all those years. You know the one.



18. Use A Black Tile For Product Photography
Let me rephrase that: use a tile in the same color of your room for product photography. Mileage may vary depending on whatever „unique“ color you wanted to paint your living room wall in.

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