Transformation of 39 Celebs from Their Childhood to the Present Day

Transformation of 39 Celebs from Their Childhood to the Present Day

Most of the celebs on this list have lived a long and exciting life. A lot of them are still going strong, although the rest are, how do I put it… somewhat “outdated”. Who can blame them? Hollywood always craves new blood, fresh faces and great talent. These mega stars had all of the above, but the time is unforgiving, and apart from a couple of cases, nobody can escape this trap.
Sorry, that got a little bit too dark there. Let’s not think of the fleeing time for now, but instead focus on how goofy our idols looked when they were kids or teens! Remember, all your favorite actors, actresses, musicians athletes and singers used to be kids as well, which is something not everyone realizes right off the bat. Enjoy this gallery and let me know whose transformation you liked the most!



Jodie Foster



Sean Connery



Jack Nickolson



Christopher Walken



Elton John



Elizabeth Taylor



Harrison Ford



Bill Murray






Angela Lansbury



Antonio Banderas



Barbara Streisand



Bea Arthur



Betty White



Billy Cristal



Christopher Plummer



Clint Eastwood



Danny Trejo



Dick Van Dyke



Helen Mirren



Jeff Bridges



Jessica Lange



Keanu Reeves



Keith Richards



Lauren Bacall



Lawrence Fishburne



Lionel Richie



Melanie Griffith



Morgan Freeman



Oprah Winfrey



Patrick Stewart



Pierce Brosnan



Sam Elliot



Stan Lee



Stephen Hawking



Stephen King



Susan Sarandon



Tim Robbins



Woody Allen

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