Will It Beard?

Will It Beard?

Today, we will answer modern society’s most asked question, and we won’t cut any corners or try to sugarcoat it.
Let’s take a look at some pictures of a dude on Instagram trying to make a beard out of random things and see if it works. Buckle up, boys ‘n gals. It’s gonna be a rough one. (Side note: you can actually give the guy suggestions on what to make a beard out of. Do it.



Yup, LEGOs can make a beard. It also solves that “stepping on a LEGO brick” issue. Win-win.



Simpsons LEGO beards add a bit more character to the plain-looking LEGO beard. This is next level material, guys.



The full LEGO beard – for the man without facial hair. May or may not be compatible with other LEGO beards.



Dinosaurs make for excellent extinction beards. Also gives a nice, colorful vibe to your man-hair.



At least this beard makes people feel welcome and appreciated.



It makes you look like a colorful rabbi, but it works.



Nope. Nope nope nope. This just looks like a beard that hasn’t been washed in over a year.



Lollypops and facial hair? Match made in heaven.



I wonder if the spaghetti will be perfectly al dente when he’s done showering.



As amazing as this looks, I can’t imagine how long it took after taking this picture until he no longer found sprinkles in his beard.



Household items
Toothpicks seem to work just fine. Just be sure to not stab yourself in the cheek.



Scissors look pretty weird and have the added risk of accidentally chopping off part of your beard. Only for the experts.



Pencils. Pretty much like toothpicks, but with the added bonus of being able to take notes and erase them as you please.



Straws are the go-to beard material if you want to let people taste your beard juices.



Party time
The birthday beard, as it is called, is perfect for those special occasions. Just be sure to remove them before lighting them on fire.



While not making for the best beard experience, this does allow you to blow bubbles. I’ll allow it.



Don’t forget to bring some flowers

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