15 Breathtaking Photos From The Pilot’s Cockpit

Photographer Santiago Borja Lopez has manage to capture some of the most breathtaking cloud formations straight from his cockpit. Santiago is a pilot working for Ecuador Airlines, and every time he is off-duty, he whips out his trusty camera to capture the most mind-blowing sights that the sky has to offer.

10 Hyper-specific Mental Disorders (And Movies About Them)

Writing about mental illness can be tricky because everyone’s perception is fundamentally different. Making films about mental illness is twice as tricky because films are a staple of popular culture and expose a wide audience to a very personal issue. Listed below are 10 hyper-specific mental disorders and 10 films that do (at least) a half-decent job at demonstrating how they work and how people with these disorders feel.

10 Secret Societies That Control The World

Here are 10 scary secret societies that might or might not control the world.

10 Amazing Objects Found In Random Places

Let's take a look at some of these hidden treasures found in the weirdest of places.

10 Worst Moments in US History That Have Changed Everything

U.S. history is packed with all kinds of events, both spectacular and horrifying. Each of them has shaped the country over the course of history into what we know it to be today. America has gone through wars, slavery, stock market crashes and even had its very own internment camps. Some of the decisions made by the country’s government has led to unbelievably devastating consequences that can still be felt today. Here are the 10 worst moments in US history that have changed everything.

15 Famous Photos That Are Actually Fake

You've probably seen most of these pics before and thought “wow, that's a one in a billion shot!”. Well...

6 Fidget Spinner Facts You Never Knew, Because Your Probably Didn’t Want To

Find out some sweet facts about Fidget Spinners that’ll impress all the prepubescent kids in town.

9 Body Parts Whose Importance Is Often Underestimated

Our body is a very complex mechanism where every individual organ is important. Everybody knows about how essential kidneys, stomachs, hearts, arteries, and veins are, but here are 9 body parts whose importance is often overlooked and underestimated.

7 Weird Sommeliers We Didn’t Ask For

What's a sommelier? It's basically a dude or lady who pretends like they know a lot about a specific type of food or drink. In fact it used to mean “officer in charge of provisions”. You may have heard of wine sommeliers, but you'd be surprised to find out what other parts of our everyday lives require a sommelier.

Amazing Facts That Are 100% True, I Promise

Some facts can really blow your mind. We are here to line up the biggest “wow” moments fringe/useless science has to offer.

20 Outrageously Hipster Foods That Must Be Stopped

Here are 20 outrageously hipster foods that must be stopped.

9 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printing

Let's see what cool or weird stuff people have made with 3D printing.

5 Incredible Perfect Crimes

Let's look up some criminal masterminds and check out 5 incredible perfect crimes!

These Technological Inventions Already Exist And Hardly Anyone Knows

Sometimes science catches up with our imagination. We spend our days waiting for a certain piece of technology to arrive, only to discover that it’s already been created but no one told anyone about it.

15+ Most Breathtaking Drone Photos Of 2017

Photography has changed dramatically over the last few years with drones entering the big game. Drone photography was so much unlike everything we’ve seen before that it became a standalone genre that required its very own contests and awards. As drones are becoming more and more accessible with each passing year, numerous artists turn to this challenging style of photography.

6 Unusual Places Inside Airports Every Globetrotter Should Visit

Usually when you're traveling to a different country the first thing you see is the airport. Unless you live like a few miles from the border. Modern-day airports not only help the travelers to get from point A to point B, but sometimes provide exquisite entertainment zones for the passengers. Today I'll show you some of the most fun places you can visit without leaving the airport!

6 Beloved Pop Culture Icons With Hateful Histories

Here are 6 pop culture icons with hateful histories.

10 Most Delicious Ice Cream Trends to Watch Out For This Summer

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of cold gentleness melting in your mouth on a hot summer day. Some people like to eat it all year round and we can’t blame them! Chefs all over the world come up with new bizarre ice cream recipes every day, trying to improve the already perfect dessert. Some of them are more successful, others are less so, but in the end we, mere consumers, have a unique ability to try some of the yummiest ice creams that have ever existed. Here are 10 delicious new trends you should definitely try this summer.

12 Things that Were Banned For Ridiculous Reasons. Who Says Government Can’t Be Absurd?

Governments don't always do the right thing with laws they create. Sure, many of them are there to protect us. They (hopefully) make sure we don’t get murdered, that our belongings remain ours, that we are treated fairly before the law, and that there is some fundamental security that we feel we can count on. However, some laws seem just absolutely nutty and really make us scratch our heads. Some might even say they are absurd and insane. Sometimes things, books, people, and ideas just get banned because someone “up there” wanted it to be so. Here are 12 things that were banned for ridiculous reasons.

9 Connected Historical Facts That Will Mess With Your Head

Let's explore these 9 connected historical events that will surely mess with your head.

5 Legendary Lost Cities That Have Actually Been Found

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