6 Unusual Places Inside Airports Every Globetrotter Should Visit

Usually when you're traveling to a different country the first thing you see is the airport. Unless you live like a few miles from the border. Modern-day airports not only help the travelers to get from point A to point B, but sometimes provide exquisite entertainment zones for the passengers. Today I'll show you some of the most fun places you can visit without leaving the airport!

6 Beloved Pop Culture Icons With Hateful Histories

Here are 6 pop culture icons with hateful histories.

10 Most Delicious Ice Cream Trends to Watch Out For This Summer

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of cold gentleness melting in your mouth on a hot summer day. Some people like to eat it all year round and we can’t blame them! Chefs all over the world come up with new bizarre ice cream recipes every day, trying to improve the already perfect dessert. Some of them are more successful, others are less so, but in the end we, mere consumers, have a unique ability to try some of the yummiest ice creams that have ever existed. Here are 10 delicious new trends you should definitely try this summer.

12 Things that Were Banned For Ridiculous Reasons. Who Says Government Can’t Be Absurd?

Governments don't always do the right thing with laws they create. Sure, many of them are there to protect us. They (hopefully) make sure we don’t get murdered, that our belongings remain ours, that we are treated fairly before the law, and that there is some fundamental security that we feel we can count on. However, some laws seem just absolutely nutty and really make us scratch our heads. Some might even say they are absurd and insane. Sometimes things, books, people, and ideas just get banned because someone “up there” wanted it to be so. Here are 12 things that were banned for ridiculous reasons.

9 Connected Historical Facts That Will Mess With Your Head

Let's explore these 9 connected historical events that will surely mess with your head.

5 Legendary Lost Cities That Have Actually Been Found

Let's set out to explore 5 lost cities that have actually been found!

These Luxury Items Are Entirely Pointless

Have you ever had spare money at the end of the month and wondered what you should spend it on? No? Well, it's because you’re middle class and middle class is the new poor! Well, then this article probably isn’t for you. Just in case you’re filthy rich...

Robot Fails That Will Convince You Terminator Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon

Anyway, here's some robot fails to make you feel safe and warm about the impending robot apocalypse again.

5 Fantastic Facts About The Lost City Of Atlantis

Here are 5 fantastic facts about the Lost City of Atlantis!

8 Bizarre Historical Objects Reveal Their Secrets

What do we know about history, really? What do you know about King Charles I favorite earring? And what about special cups for gents with mustache? Here are 8 obscure historical objects and the secrets they hold.

8 Times Celebs Were Totally Extra While Doing The Simplest Things

Many people think that celebs are quite like us – they sleep, eat, jog, spend time with their kids, so what’s the difference?

Crazy Celebrity Predictions That Came True, Probably Out Of Sheer Luck More Than Anything Else!

Some of these predictions are very applause-worthy, honestly.

Psychological Syndromes Named After A Geographical Location Because What Else Were They Supposed To Do

If you live in one of the places named after these syndromes, you might be crazy without knowing it. Or the name just might be random. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

These Common Fruits Have A History That Will Blow Your Mind Harder Than Darth Vader Being Luke’s Father

Let's take a look at some fruits with a history that may or may not surprise you.

How Famous Battlefields of History Look Today

History has seen its fair share of bloodshed, and thankfully the places where humanity’s wars were waged have repaired from the damage quite nicely. It’s highly unlikely the scars and history of these places will ever completely fade away, but at least life has continued its course here.Let’s take a look at some battlefields and what they look like today.

11 Items You’ve Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life

You would think that by your age you’d have figured out how to use most household items and make the most out of your “ordering takeout” experience. But you’ll be surprised by these 11 items you’ve actually (probably) been using completely wrong!

Pink Pineapples Exist And You Didn’t Tell Me About It First

Del Monte is the only one that produces pink pineapples and they actually have a patent on the pink deliciousness. They’re essentially regular pineapples that were genetically modified to tone down the enzymes that turn lycopene into carotene. It’s the same thing that turns tomatoes red and watermelons pink.

10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World

Here is a list of 10 most expensive liquids found on this planet. No alcohol included! As it turns out, even the most expensive bottle of whiskey is cheap as water.

10 Baffling Mysteries of the Jungle

There’s still a lot we don’t know about mother Earth. Here are 10 baffling jungle mysteries scientists are still unable to solve.

36 Genius Ways to Use LEGO

There are two kinds of people when it comes to LEGO: those who think “holy crap, this is the best thing ever! Imagine what one could use all these bricks for!”, or the sad old sags of bones without a single joy in their lives. LEGO sets aren't just toys, there are actually a lot of ways you can use these plastic bricks in your everyday life, and I'm gonna show you some of the coolest, and most ingenious of them.

This New Helix Tattoo Trend Is Spreading Like Wildfire! (28 pics)

So what's a helix? It's that thin curved outer part of the ear, where you used to wear all your weird earrings, but this brand new trend turns it into a tiny little canvas for simple yet classy tattoos.