10 Car Types And The Personalities That Fit Them

Yup, there’s some rock hard science coming up here. Today, we’ll be linking your car to your personality. So, take a look at some stereotypes associated with different types of cars.

10 Shocking Facts about Saudi Arabia

What can you tell me about Saudi Arabia? That it’s a strange and controversial middle-Eastern country? Oh, you don’t know the half of it. While the Western world treats it as an ally, you can see some basic human rights being violated right in front of your nose, especially when it comes to women’s rights. But, either way, it’s their country, their culture and ultimately their decisions, no matter how barbaric and bizarre they may seem to the Western world. So, here are a few curious facts about Saudi Arabia you may have never heard.

Most Insane and Shockingly Extreme Face Modifications

Just in case you’re running out of inspiration for your next visit to the tattoo parlor, let’s take a look at some of the most extreme and insane face modifications you can get done yourself.

21 Super-Famous Celebrities Riding The Subway Like Normals

To prove that celebrities are people just like you and me (just with slightly more digits in their bank account), let’s take a look at some celebrities taking the subway. Because why not.

Believe It or not These Yummy-Looking Foods Are All Carved From Wood

Remember those decorative wax fruits and veggies at your grandma’s house you used to think looked delicious? This is their older and much meaner brother - wooden food! So knock twice before biting, or you may lose a tooth or ten.

This Is What Advertising Looks Like In Saudi Arabia And Other Muslim Countries

Let’s take a quick look at several ad campaigns from well-known, international brands that have specifically Muslim pitches for their brands. You’ll see how the Saudi Arabia bends and changes the advertising techniques, because one way or another, they are considered to be culturally or socially inappropriate.

16 Hollywood Celebrities And Their Historical Doppelgängers

You’ve probably heard the “you look JUST like some-person! Are you siblings?” and then it turns out that the person in question has been dead for at least 400 years and you get that funny feeling of slight dread. Check out the photos below and see for yourself.

10 Most Expensive Delicacies In The World

Let's see why these 10 crazy-rare delicacies cost so much, shall we?

Top 7 Deadliest Ninja Weapons

There's a saying that a truly skilled ninja can turn anything into a deadly weapon, no matter if it's hard or soft, big or small, liquid or solid. You really don't want to get on their bad side, because one of the following weapons may be the last thing you see. Let's look at 7 iconic weapons, popularized by Hollywood and Anime, that ninjas have actually used to dispatch their enemies.

10 Interesting Things That Are Seen as Sexy in Various Countries

Let's see some of the more unusual things that people in various countries around the world find attractive and sexy.

Top 8 Super Celebrities Holding World Records

Let's take a look at 8 super celebs holding some impressive Guinness world records, some requiring immense skill, and some just great luck and right timing.

15 Celebrity Doppelgangers That Are a Bit Too Much

When you see these twins together it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. Here are 15 celebrity lookalikes we simply can’t get over.

5 New Life-Changing Apps of 2017 You’ll Want To Install Right Now

With the recent CES event, the Internet blew up with all the cool devices, gadgets, and a bunch of different software solutions. So during all that you might have missed some sweet apps for your phone. Fear not, here are the most interesting apps that you'll want to install right away.

30 Fascinating Superhero Facts To Get You Through The Winter

With the recent boom of superhero movies, TV shows, cartoons, and games, it's only natural that people are starting to get into comic books. And so, here are 30 fascinating superhero facts, to get you through the winter. Excelsior!

8 Weird Christmas Traditions Around The World

While there’s a lot of differences in how individual families celebrate that jolly good time of the year, there’s also a huge difference in how cultures experience and celebrate Christmas. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest Christmas traditions around the world so you know where to celebrate Christmas next year. Or where not to.

8 Sci-Fi Technologies We Should Never Ever Build

With the way technological progress has sped up during the last few years, any unbelievable thing you can think of today can become the reality of tomorrow. Yet there are technologies that are so dangerous that even modern humans won’t be able to contain them. They might be more harmful than helpful. Here are 8 sci-fi technologies we should stay away from.

Beautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos of Heterochromia

It's true that eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. They are also one of the most fascinating parts of a human body that makes a person truly different from the rest. Some scientists even believe that eyes are like fingerprints – there are no two pairs that are totally alike. But when it comes to beauty, there’s hardly a more spectacular mutation than heterochromia iridum. It happens in both animals and human beings, and results in beautiful different-colored irises (that part of the eye that actually has color in it). Here are 15 examples of just how beautiful heterochromia can be.

20 Famous Logos Then And Now

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent, and iconic logo changes, from the world's most famous companies, and compare how they currently look, to how they looked in the (not so) distant past.

12 Illuminati Secrets We Are Not Supposed To Know

Here are 12 facts about the most famous secret society in the world – Illuminati.

8 Ridiculous Things Banned in the USA

If you’ve ever visited the US, you know how their customs can be. Many people bring various souvenirs from their travels, only to get them confiscated at customs. So, not to be extremely disappointed, it would be wise to know which things you shouldn’t bring back to the US, before going on a trip overseas. Of course, some of the banned things are extremely justified, like guns and drugs, but other times it makes zero sense! But, well, the law is the law, and there’s nothing we can do, except point out how ridiculous some of the banned products are. Let’s go!

The 20 Strangest Facts You Wish Weren’t Real

Humans are extremely curious creatures, sometimes even too curious for their own good. They say “ignorance is bliss” for a reason, you know. The more you know about your surroundings, the less you want to live on this planet, especially when it comes to the information that concerns each and every person in the world in some way. Without further ado, let's dive into these 20 weirdest, most disgusting facts you wish weren't real!