8 Sci-Fi Technologies We Should Never Ever Build

With the way technological progress has sped up during the last few years, any unbelievable thing you can think of today can become the reality of tomorrow. Yet there are technologies that are so dangerous that even modern humans won’t be able to contain them. They might be more harmful than helpful. Here are 8 sci-fi technologies we should stay away from.

Beautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos of Heterochromia

It's true that eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. They are also one of the most fascinating parts of a human body that makes a person truly different from the rest. Some scientists even believe that eyes are like fingerprints – there are no two pairs that are totally alike. But when it comes to beauty, there’s hardly a more spectacular mutation than heterochromia iridum. It happens in both animals and human beings, and results in beautiful different-colored irises (that part of the eye that actually has color in it). Here are 15 examples of just how beautiful heterochromia can be.

20 Famous Logos Then And Now

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent, and iconic logo changes, from the world's most famous companies, and compare how they currently look, to how they looked in the (not so) distant past.

12 Illuminati Secrets We Are Not Supposed To Know

Here are 12 facts about the most famous secret society in the world – Illuminati.

8 Ridiculous Things Banned in the USA

If you’ve ever visited the US, you know how their customs can be. Many people bring various souvenirs from their travels, only to get them confiscated at customs. So, not to be extremely disappointed, it would be wise to know which things you shouldn’t bring back to the US, before going on a trip overseas. Of course, some of the banned things are extremely justified, like guns and drugs, but other times it makes zero sense! But, well, the law is the law, and there’s nothing we can do, except point out how ridiculous some of the banned products are. Let’s go!

The 20 Strangest Facts You Wish Weren’t Real

Humans are extremely curious creatures, sometimes even too curious for their own good. They say “ignorance is bliss” for a reason, you know. The more you know about your surroundings, the less you want to live on this planet, especially when it comes to the information that concerns each and every person in the world in some way. Without further ado, let's dive into these 20 weirdest, most disgusting facts you wish weren't real!

9 Weirdest Things You Can Buy In China

What if I told you that Chinese culture is completely different from the Western culture? Yeah, and if you add the fact that there are literally billions of people living there, you may find some weird items being sold throughout the country. And it doesn't really matter if you're in a huge Chinese WalMart, or just on the outskirts of a small town - these weird things are probably going to blow your mind.

16 Incredibly Satisfying Food GIFs

Are you ready to hear your tummy roar? No? Then don’t scroll any further, and get yourself something to eat, because some of these GIFs will definitely make you hungry.

11 Things That Women Can Do But Men Can’t

Let’s turn this thing around and take a look at some things women can do that men can’t. Or don’t want to.

8 Weird Paranormal Events That Changed Our History

Some of these events have such a great impact on humanity that they change the very course of our history. Here are 8 unbelievable paranormal events that have rocked the world.

10 Terrifying Urban Legends That Might Actually Be True

Can urban monsters come to life with the sheer power of human imagination, or did they always exist and we just recently stumbled upon them, revealing these creatures for the whole world to see? Whatever the case, here are 10 terrifying urban legends that will probably give you nightmares.

3 Online Games that Made People Rich

Playing online is perhaps the favorite pastime for those born into the generations Y and Z (those born in the late 1980s and beyond). It all started with word games played in chatrooms. Later, as the 'net became faster, and the computers stronger, the games themselves became more elaborate and immersive. Today, we have an amazing variety of games we can play online, covering every genre from crosswords and puzzles to shooters and role-playing titles. These games are most of the times ways to pass time - sometimes, in turn, they can become not only a steady source of income but ways to strike it rich. Like in the case of the three games below.

5 Smart Gadgets To Help You Sleep Tight in 2017

How well do you sleep at night? If your answer was “pretty freaking great” - just move on to the next article. But if you’re having some issues catching the Z’s, I got 5 amazing new gadgets for you! Of course, you can always go with the old and tried method of drinking yourself to sleep, but maybe it’s time to reconsider this part of your daily routine. Either way, I’m happy to bring to your attention 5 sleep-improving gadgets that will change your life!

10 Futuristic Gadgets No One Saw Coming

We’ve all been watching sci-fi movies since we were kids, trying to imagine what the future would look like.We're pretty sure soon enough artificial intelligence will control our flights, smart robots will help us build spaceships and teleport will be the most mundane and usual thing ever. Here are 10 unbelievable gadgets that prove we are already in the future.

10 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists

Since the beginning of its existence humanity has been curious about the surrounding world trying to figure out how things work and why the Universe is the way it is. All kinds of sciences appeared to answer the most baffling questions, but sometimes instead of answering them scientists just find another bunch of questions that make the world seem even more mysterious. With the string theory and quantum physics it would seem that we’re on the right track, but the Universe is still a huge enigma and there’s just so much we don’t understand. Here are 10 crazy mysteries that baffle scientists all over the world.

10 Mysterious Unexplained Photos That Might Freak You Out

Long before the Internet and all the crazy photo editing specialists, 99.9% of the photos were legit, meaning that everything caught on film was actually there. And sometimes people managed to catch all sorts of creepy and unreal phenomena: UFO sightings, ghosts, freaky creatures, and more! So, let's take a look at 10 mysterious photos that are yet to be explained.

Ridiculously Awesome Things to Buy When You Become a Millionaire

Let’s take a look at some ridiculously awesome things to buy when you become a millionaire...

7 Spine-Chilling Mysteries from India

India’s culture is among the most ancient in the world and is rich with gods, monsters, demons and all kinds of deities. It’s a country where people take supernatural for granted and don’t doubt for a second there are things and creatures more powerful than human beings and that karma makes all things happen. So it comes as no surprise that in a country like this there are mysteries that cannot be solved neither by scientists, nor by priests and philosophers. Here are 7 mind-bending mysteries of India.

10 Things Americans Find Really Weird About Mexicans

It's probably not a big secret that different nations do things a little differently, this includes Mexicans as well, of course. While many Americans might find the following traditions somewhat strange, Mexicans know that they only make them stand out. Let's see what the Americans find weird about their Southern neighbors and their traditions.

20 Google Tricks Only Expert Users Know About

There are many neat Google tricks you should know to make your life a lot easier. Let's see what this omniscient Internet deity can do!

7 Weird IG Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram has been around for a long time and people have really learned how to use it to attract audiences. Some post kittens, birdies and other cute animals, while others focus on their own lives and hobbies. Yet, there are others who use it to promote art and all sorts of crazy and fun ideas. Here’s a list of 7 incredibly fun and weird Instagram accounts you should definitely check out.