10 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts That Still Baffle Scientists

We are used to thinking that ancient world was not as developed as our modern civilization. But is that actually true? They are as different from us as we are from the people that will be living on Earth in a thousand years. They had their own gods, belief systems, and yes, technologies as well. Some of the archaeological finds we make today reveal that thousands of years ago people were using mechanisms of incredible complexity. Some of them still baffle scientists as they can’t figure out what those gizmos were used for! Here’s a list of 10 ancient finds of unknown origin.

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5 Weird Prohibitions of Ancient Rome

When someone mentions Ancient Rome, you almost always think of insane orgies, or remarkable architecture, depending on your preferences. But what almost nobody mentions about are some of their idiotic laws and prohibitions, especially when viewed from a modern-day perspective.Let's quickly jump in on those and judge the filthy Romans, as if we're any better than them! Enjoy!

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Apparently there's this incredibly clever visual test that will gauge the limits of your perception, called the Fiendish Dot Test. Your objective is to find out what's hidden inside each of these 7 colored circles.

6 Mind-Boggling Mistakes That Have Changed the Course of History

We all make mistakes - this is what actually makes us human. It’s true that nobody’s perfect, but the mistakes of some people have more consequences than those made by others. If something goes wrong in the laboratory of a chemist or a geneticist, the impact of that mistake might change the whole world. It’s the same with people who have a lot of influence in the society. Nevertheless, even the greatest philosophers and psychologists can be wrong about different things. Here are 6 mind-bending mistakes that have changed human history.

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There’s so much you don’t know about Mexico! The history of bullfighting, the origin of chocolate and chili, the infamous Tabasco sauce that’s named after a Mexican state, but is actually produced in the U.S. – these facts are only the tip of the iceberg that’s called ‘Mexico’. Here are a few things that will totally change your perception of this country.

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7 Ancient Mexican Artifacts That Could Have Been Made by Aliens

Ancient civilizations that used to exist on the territory of modern day Mexico have left hundreds of relics and artifacts, some of which are of unknown origin. Many people still wonder whether Mayans and Aztecs could have created these amazing objects by themselves. Did they, perhaps, have some help from beings that were much more developed than we could ever imagine? This would explain the vast knowledge pre-Columbian cultures had about space and stars. Here are a few finds that might prove that humans had contact with extraterrestrial beings in the past.

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