Only In Australia! – These 19 Things Prove Australia Is the Craziest

Every time when you see news on the television or the internet about something ridiculous or nearly impossible, it’s bound to be from Australia. New species of deadly fish/spider/snake found? – Austra

The World’s Strangest Airports

Millions of people use airports every day. And let’s be honest, most folks don’t want to spend more time at the airport than they need to. Because why bother? They are all the same. When you’ve seen o

10 Really Insane Gadgets

You may feel comfortable around gadgets like iPods, consoles, tablets or even smart watches but what about some really weird contraptions like brainwave headphones or a selfie stick?You know what? Sc

The Most Memorable Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras

“Big girls need big diamonds.”― Elizabeth Taylor  The first VS luxury lingerie was created in 1996, Victoria’s Secret was the first brand which actually started this trend of creating expensive br

The amazing world of coffee art!

Having a cup of latte with a quirky pattern on top of it; this is nothing new today. Coffee craft is rapidly evolving to new heights and baristas all over the world have been mastering their skills to

See What Happens When a Chef Serves Fast Food as Gourmet Dishes

Haute Cuisine is so called skillfully prepared food that tastes as good as it looks. The presentation is the main part of high-level cuisine. Usually gourmet costs big bucks to get what they want.

Weird Sports You Had No Idea Existed

Today you won’t find a man who doesn’t know what soccer, baseball or ice hockey is. These mainstream sports are played literally everywhere – backyards, school grounds, even in prisons. However, there

21 Celebrity Doppelgangers (or at least lookalikes)

Have you ever wondered if there's anyone else in the world who looks just like you? Wouldn't it be awesome (or weird, I guess) to see your twin brother from another mother? Hell yeah it would! And chances are that there IS someone who looks a lot like you out there. Since celebs are people too, this means that there's a poor man's version of Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, and even Emma Watson.

These 8 Holes Have A Brilliant Purpose

Let’s do some good in the world and look at some brilliantly thought-out design in the form of putting holes in things of which no one actually knows the true purpose. Because even product designers deserve respect

15 Shots That Will Completely Change Your Perception of History

Most of us think that history is something that is set in stone, but it is hardly so. History has been rewritten countless times, certainly more than we can account for. You’ll be surprised to see that something we consider amazing today was something quite usual just a few decades ago.

Top 20 Fun and Mind-Boggling Space Facts

If you like space-related topics, this one is for you! It’s a list of the most visually staggering cosmic curiosities or simply mind-altering facts about outer space. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment

The Most Popular Dance Moves Of All Time (Turn Up!)

Things will never be same, but the history repeats itself and who knows maybe someday these dance moves will be in style once again. Remember Harlem Shake? Nobody really cares about it now. But these

10 Examples Of How Beauty Standards Changed Throughout History

We’ve compiled a timeline of major body type trends starting with Ancient Egypt up to the 2000s. Check out how the standard of female ideal body has dramatically changed over the centuries.

10 Weirdest Delicious-Looking Fruits

We’ve all heard, seen and tasted apples, pears, lemons, and all those other boring, mundane fruits, but can you imagine something crazy like, for example, a cactus, to be edible and actually delicious

14 Amazing Beds You’ll Never Want to Get Out of in the Morning

Sleep is awesome, it's recharging your batteries, cools down your brain, so you don't do anything stupid and is overall vital for our sanity. It's also one of the biggest time-killers out there, taking about 25-30% of our life on this planet. We need sleep and we want it to be as comfortable as possible, which is why we've developed this whole bed fetish. Some people like their beds big and soft, others like sleeping on the floor, but these 14 creative beds will rock your socks off!

The 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World

If you’re rich and want to make sure you buy a car your friends can’t afford so you have exclusive bragging rights. Consider this shopping list...

15 Unique Places Transformed Into Something Amazing At Night

Everything is illuminated! No, I’m not talking about the movie with Elijah Wood, I’m talking about the bioluminescence, the Northern Lights, a freaky glowing mushroom forest in the heart of the New-Yo

19 Extremely Ripped Bodybuilders That Actually Exist

Bodybuilding competitions can be a real treat to watch but some people just don’t give a damn about their bodies and are pushing themselves to the extreme. Here are some of the most insane, tremendous

25 Interesting Facts about California

1. California was named after Queen Califia, a black Amazon warrior queen.   2. California, with 38.8 million people, is the most populous state in the USA. Every 8th American lives in California.

10 Shocking Celeb Beauty Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

It’s not a secret that celebs need to look picture-perfect 24/7 no matter what. So it’s no wonder that some of them go to great lengths to stay beautiful as long as possible. Sometimes, though, Hollywood stars go a little bit overboard with their beauty regimes and try some really weird things. Do you think snake venom or bird poo will make you beautiful? Probably not, but these stars have tried that anyway. This is what happens when you have a lot of money and even more desire to maintain your beauty no matter what.