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Since the new

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These Facts Will Change The Way You Watch Game Of Thrones

We're all obsessed with Game of Thrones. We don't want to get spoiled, but we secretly love whoever gives us spoilers because we interpret it as a sign of appreciation. That's how brains work.

6 Big-Budget Movie Flops of 2017

It's been a long and stressful year for Hollywood blockbusters, and some would argue that the rise of Netflix and HBO, combined with sequel/prequel over-saturation, have caused some of the biggest movie flops of this year. There have been quite a few of them, but for now let's focus on these 6 big-budget flops of 2017!

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Women On Instagram Doing the Wonder Woman’s Sword Trick, And… It Works!

What better way to start summer than to go see the best movie DC's ever produced? Of course, I'm talking about Wonder Woman. This blockbuster seems to have really connected with the girl power, and that's awesome. But you know how the Internet works: we find some small insignificant detail and obsess over it like it's the most important thing ever. In this case the Internet cried “how is it possible to keep that huge sword hidden beneath the dress?”. So the avid fans decided to shut the haters up and show the world that not only is it possible, but it also looks amazing!

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