10 Hottest Disney Sitcom Moms We’ve Ever Seen on TV

10 Hottest Disney Sitcom Moms We’ve Ever Seen on TV

It seems that good looks are a must when it comes to family TV shows and comedies – at least that’s what we think when we look at Disney’s sitcom moms. They are incredibly gorgeous, kind and smart both on screen and in real life. Here are 10 of the hottest Disney sitcom moms that we’ve ever seen on TV.



Leigh-Allyn Baker – Good Luck Charlie
We all enjoyed watching the ordeal of the Duncan family in the Good Luck Charlie for over 4 seasons, but what we really loved was the incredibly good-looking mom Amy Duncan portrayed by the gorgeous Leigh-Allyn Baker.



Courtney Cox – Cougar Town
It’s a bit of a stretch, but ABC is an extension of the Walt Disney Company after all. We all know Courtney Cox as a Friends star, but recently she appeared in Cougar Town, where she played one of childhood pals that have grown up, became parents, and were trying to redefine their lives. She looked absolutely gorgeous in that show!

Angel Parker – Lab Rats
Also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island, this TV show features Leo Dooley who becomes friends with three supernatural humans, while his mom gets married to a millionaire. It’s one of the first shows that used the superhero theme and made advantage of it. Tasha Davenport, portrayed by amazing Angel Parker, was truly gorgeous!



Paget Brewster – Grandfathered
Paget Brewster is extremely good-looking, yet has an aura of seriousness that makes all her roles look either incredibly hilarious, or super hot, depending on the character she’s portraying. In Grandfathered, she played the ex-girlfriend of the main character with a truly quirky character.



Danielle Fishel – Girl Meets World
We all loved Topanga in ‘Boy Meets World’ series, but fans went truly crazy when she was brought back for the sequel ‘Girl Meets World’ to play the incredibly hot mom that has inspired thousands of teenage fantasies. She’s the most good-looking mom we’ve ever seen on TV.



Cerina Vincent – Stuck in the Middle
The show continued for only one season and would have been completely forgotten if not for the beauty of former Miss Teen USA Cerina Vincent who showed off her body on more than one occasion. She looked truly outstanding in that role!

Brooke Shields – Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana is a show that played a crucial role in boosting the career of Miley Cyrus, but what many people don’t know that Brook Shields, the famous sex symbol, has also played a part in the show. She portrayed the incredibly beautiful mom of the main character.



Maria Canals Barrera – Wizards of Waverly Place
Wizards of Waverly Place became the launching pad for the young and talented Selena Gomez, who later became a singer and a world known star. The show went on for four seasons, featuring three siblings that were about to inherit some magic superpowers. Maria Canals Barrera played the stunning head of the clan, a woman with strong will and spectacular looks.



Malin Akerman – Trophy Wife
Directors of the Trophy Wife made everything possible to star the hottest actress to play one of the leading roles. And they succeeded! Malin Ekerman’s beauty is truly spectacular – the kind that inspires writing poems about her looks. Watching her on screen is a real pleasure!

Christina Moore – Jessie
The series focuses around Jessie, a girl from Texas that comes to New York in search of a better life and a career in acting. She ends up working as a nanny for some really funny children in a wealthy family. Christina Moore landed a role of that family’s mom, a successful businesswoman and a former supermodel. The woman needed to look both gorgeous and fierce, and so she did!

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